"National Transportation Concessions" LLC


OOO NTC is a subholding of VIS Group that manages concessions in the transport sphere.

The company comprises OOO Siberian Concession Company, OOO Regional Concession Company and OOO Fourth Concession Company.

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Siberian Concession Company acts as a concessionaire in the largest project in the Novosibirsk Oblast on construction and maintenance of an automobile bridge over the river Ob.

Regional Concession Company acts a concessionaire in the construction of Khabarovsk Bypass, the first high-speed highway in the Russian Far East.

Fourth Concession Company is implementing the construction of a high-speed highway Vinogradovo-Boltino-Tarasovka in the Moscow Region, which is being realized under a private.

Legal and mailing address: 
Leningradskaya Oblast, Gatchinsky Rayon, Gatchina, 22 Ul 7 Armii, office 2/24