VIS Production Company is the parent company of the construction sub-holding that acts as a general contractor (ERC-contractor) in VIS Group projects.
Key public-private partnership projects and concessions are being implemented with participation from VIS Production Company. These include the Khabarovsk Bypass highway, a bridge over the river Ob, the Vinogradovo-Boltino-Tarasovka highway in the Moscow region, a perinatal center in Surgut, among others.
The company has extensive experience in constructing facilities of any degree of complexity – from kindergartens and schools to major industrial complexes, power stations and road transportation infrastructure. Over the course of its work, VIS Production Company built and launched into operation over 65 facilities in major Russian regions from center and south to extreme north.


VIS Production Company functions as an ЕРС/ЕРСМ-contractor:    
■ Design;  
■ Construction;
■ Launching into operation;
■ Service and maintenance. 

The company owns proprietary production facilities, including asphalt-concrete and modular concrete plants, production shops, electro-technical lab, rotational living quarters. Today, VIS Production Company continues to expand its unique competencies with regard to regional specifics in construction and maintenance of large-scale infrastructural projects.

Legal address:   
22A 7 Armii #10 Street, Gatchina, Leningrad Oblast, 188300    

Postal address:    
Business center Park Pobedy, 1/1, Vasilisy Kozhinoy Street, Moscow, 121096