Social Infrustructure

During the existence of VIS Group, dozens of social projects have been implemented. Educational, medical institutions, sports palaces have become an integral part of the social infrastructure of large cities and small settlements. Today the holding is ready to offer its opportunities in implementing complex projects for the development of the social sphere using public-private partnership mechanisms. The Group invests in the creation of educational, medical and leisure institutions.

Timeframe for implementation: 2019 to 2023

Public partner: Government of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

Private partner: Seventeenth Concession Company, LLC

In 2019, based on the results of the submission of a private initiative to the Government of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and the competitive procedures, Seventeenth Concession Company was chosen as a private partner of the project on the financing, design, creation and maintenance of an integrated building of the State Philharmonic and the Arctic Center for Epic Literature and the Arts in Yakutsk. 

A single architectural complex of the State Philharmonic hall and the Arctic center of epic arts will be located on the embankment of the lake Saysary. Due to the level of equipment and improvement the complex will be one of the key factors of socio-cultural development of Yakutia. It will be a new architectural dominant of the capital of the Republic, a point of mass attraction of tourists. For the first time in Yakutia it will be possible to hold musical events of any level: from classical music concerts to international theater productions, shows and conferences.

The project is unique in terms of creating such a large-scale cultural and entertainment facility in permafrost. Severe climatic conditions require compliance with certain requirements for the construction and design of facilities. By the end of 2022 it is planned to put into operation the building of the Philharmonic, while continuing the construction of the Arctic center until the end of 2023. Alternately entering objects, united in one building, is technically and technologically complex construction process. 

A separate architectural project is the improvement of the surrounding area. As a result of the project, a modern embankment will appear within the city, where a public space with recreation areas will be organized.

Timeframe for implementation: 2019 to 2022

Public partner: Government of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

Private partner: VIS RAZVITIE, LLC

In 2019 VIS RAZVITIE, LLC filed a private initiative with the government of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and was selected as a private partner based on the results of competitive procedures to finance, design, construct and technically operate a modern clinic in Yakutsk. A public-private partnership agreement was signed on the sidelines of the Eastern Economic Forum. The document was signed by the Head of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Aisen Nikolaev and member of the Board of Directors of the VIS Group Sergey Romashov. 

Thanks to the PPP mechanism, the most modern medical center of the Republic will be built. The construction of a new outpatient complex will contribute to the development of the urban healthcare system, including the creation of a modern infrastructure for providing medical care to adults and children. An outpatient complex with an area of 8500 square meters for 600 visits per shift comprises diagnostic, pediatric, dental and therapeutic departments. In addition, there will also be emergency departments, medical prophylaxis, radiation diagnostics, primary specialized health care and a rehabilitation department.

The clinic will be equipped with modern magnetic resonance imaging scanners, expert-grade digital ultrasound diagnostic systems, X-ray, endoscopic, mammographic and radiographic equipment. Delivery, commissioning and subsequent technical operation within 7 years after putting the facility into operation will be ensured by the VIS Group.

All equipment is slated to be connected to a unified "smart clinic" information system. The data will be transmitted to the attending physician in electronic format, which will prevent repeated visits to the registration desk when referring patients to other specialists. This significantly optimizes the overall time of appointment and work of doctors.

Timeframe for implementation: 2019 to 2022

Public partner: Ministry of health of Novosibirsk Oblast

Private partner: VIS Group

This is the first public-private partnership project in Russia's health care sphere that's structured according to the Federal Law on PPP #224-FZ.  In 2018, OOO SCC (a company of the Group) submitted a private initiative to the Government of the Novosibirsk Oblast, and was selected as the project’s private partner. The ceremony of signing a public-private partnership agreement in regard to creating a network of public outpatient clinics took place on February, 2019 in Sochi. The event was conducted in the framework of the Russian Investment Forum, with participation by the Governor of the Novosibirsk Oblast Andrey Travnikov and Chairman of VIS Group’s Board of Directors Igor Snegurov.

The main goal of the project is to ensure the availability and quality standards of medical care throughout the region. Today, in many districts of Novosibirsk there is an increased load of clinics and lack of capacity to provide outpatient care due to the rapid growth of the population. According to experts, the existing polyclinics are overloaded twice, and in a number of microdistricts the deficit of polyclinic capacity reaches 240%.

Prior to the end of 2022, 7 modern medical institutions are slated to be constructed in Novosibirsk, with a total capacity of over 6,500 visits per shift. The project stipulates not only for the construction of buildings, but outfitting them with latest-generation equipment, including computer tomography, magnetic resonance tomography, mammology systems, ultrasound and X-ray equipment. Polyclinics will be built in the most actively developing residential areas of Novosibirsk, as well as where existing clinics are in disrepair. All projects have reserves to increase the capacity of reception, taking into account the growth of neighborhoods.

The new medical institution network will allow to implement new medical technologies, ensure accessibility of diagnostic and preventive examinations and to create a regional clinical data center in the future.

Timeframe for implementation: 2015 to 2020

Client: "VIS Infrastructure", LLC 

General contractor: "VIS Infrastructure", LLC 

In December 2014, VIS Group (represented by its subsidiary VIS Infrastructure) and the Department of Health of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District – Yugra signed the Agreement on the design, construction, equipping and maintenance of Surgut clinical perinatal center.

New high-tech center will provide comprehensive services in the field of child-bearing support, advanced treatment and prevention of fetal disorders, neonatal surgery. In contrast to the usual maternity hospital here are to be diagnosed and treated mothers & babies’ complex diseases with the use of robotics and the most modern medical equipment from Europe and the USA. 

According to the project, the building of three blocks is designed for 10,000 births per year. The institution would take more than 300 pregnant women at the same time. The hospital complex has several maternity wards, an operating unit for 15 simultaneous operations, intensive care of mother and child department. There also to be a consultative and diagnostic center. Breast cancer center, equipped MRI and CT offices, as well as the department of reproductive technologies with IVF laboratory, which was a long awaited expansion of the Surgut physicians, are to be organized. In addition, there will be jobs for ophthalmologists, dentists, endocrinologists, urologists and many others. 

Expectant mothers will get all the necessary assistance in terms of preparation for childbirth: school of parents, physical therapy room, reflexology and ozone therapy offices, underwater massage room, altitude chamber. 

The Department of gynecology is to operate based on the Center. Especially for students' practice there will be in-training center with a maternity room, operating theaters, intensive care unit. Equipment classrooms, computer labs, conference rooms for 120 people, library and archives are also designed.

Timing of construction of such an important social facility for the region is about 3 years. Its total area is over 70 thousand sq. m. It is assumed that at the time of commissioning in 2018, this center will be the largest in Russia. 

Agreement on public-private partnership provides for operation of the perinatal center for 7 years after commissioning.

Timeframe for implementation: 1 stage 2012 to 2018; 2 stage 2012 to 2020

Client: YaNAD Management of Capital Construction and Investment 

General contractor: VIS Group

Construction of the project will allow to shape a safe and secure coastline and become one of leisure area for townspeople. The retaining wall being erected will protect the embankment from the constant caving and wave influence erosion.

  • Length of the embankment being landscaped is 1,400 meters,
  • Its area shall be about 7.3 hectares.

The project includes fencing, stair approaches to water side, pedestrian area, lighting, landscaping, hard landscaping. The pavement will be made of granite. There will be fountains, including a fountain with a deer statue, a lighthouse-like stele, "Raw-Hide Tent" monument, and a caf?.

Timeframe for implementation: 2016 - 2019

Client: Government of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

General contractor: VIS Group

On December 2015, VIS Group had won an open competition of The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Ministry of Economics for the right to conclude an Agreement on public-private partnership for the design, construction and maintenance of pre-school, general, supplementary education and culture facilities in the city of Yakutsk.

The Aiyy Kyhata national school, 550 seats 

The national Aiyy Kyhata school was launched into operation in the 203rd micro-district of the city of Yakutsk. The three-story building has everything required to ensure a seamless and convenient education process. In addition to outfitted classes where the school program is taught, all the conditions are in place for after-school activities, participation in community organizations and conducting sports events. Elementary school and middle/high school have separate choreographic and sports halls with equipped changing rooms and showers.

The goal of implementing the PPP project in Yakutsk is the improvement of the material and technical foundation of the city’s educational and cultural spheres. Appropriately, the school has multimedia classes with interactive boards, lecture halls, language labs, laboratories and an electrical technology shop. Students’ artistic education is organized in a proprietary folklore theater studio with costume and makeup rooms. Aside from the standard medical block, there’s a dental office, and offices of a psychologist and a social counselor.

The adjoining territory is equipped with playgrounds and sports grounds for various age groups. Sports grounds are made using safe ground covering, harmless to children’s health.

Kindergarten in the village of Syrdakh, 240 seats

As part of the PPP project, a kindergarten was constructed in the village of Syrdakh, 20 kilometers to the north of the republic’s capital. Built according to the strict requirements of modern construction sphere, and as per the standard Yakutsk city kindergarten design project, the building is intended for 240 students. Its total area comprises over 3500 sq. m.

Aside from group rooms for 12 pre-kindergarten and kindergarten classes for four age groups, there are a carpenter’s shop, sensory integration room, supplementary education room, gym and choreographic hall, music hall, a stage and a children’s theater. The medical block contains speech therapist’s and psychologist’s offices and a psychological training hall. Educators’ methodological work is carried out in a space with an internet library.

Open-air grounds and promenade verandas are equipped with everything required for children’s entertainment. Every game and sports grounds is covered with special no-dust covering, safe for children’s health.

Ivushka kindergarten No. 75, 240 seats

Ivushka kindergarten on Ilmenskaya street in the city's 75th micro-district is designed for 240 students. The total area of the building equals 3500 sq.m. Group rooms for four age groups are located on three floors. 

There are a gym and a choreographic hall, a pool, and a music hall. There are a carpenter’s shop, a sensory integration room and a supplementary education room for the purpose of developing physical coordination, fine motor skills and creative thinking. The adjoining territory contains promenade verandas as well as sports and play grounds for every age group.

Cvetik-Semitsvetik kindergarten, 315 seats

Modern kindergarten for 315 children was constructed in the 203rd micro-district of Yakutsk. The building, erected according to an individual design project, is intended for 18 kindergarten classes, including pre-kindergarten, speech therapy and pre-school. The two-story building includes group rooms, a pool, spacious gyms and music halls, a computer room. The building is equipped with elevators and adapted for people with limited mobility.

The adjoining territory has outdoor playgrounds, as well as an area for quiet recreation.

Children’s Arts School for 300 pupils

A new children's arts school can accommodate up to 300 children, providing everything necessary for a variety of activities. It is equipped with groups for music classes, classes for individual lessons, multi-purpose hall, stage, costume and artistic room.

Young residents of Yakutsk will be able to enroll in dance and theater groups, as well as learn to play the national musical instruments, including a guimbarde. VIS Group fulfilled all the necessary acquisition of school music equipment, including the world-famous brands.

Gardening and outdoor lighting of the Arts School is provided by individual design project. Landscaped area of the new school is a comfortable place for leisure activities of pupils and their parents.

A library

Formation of a new cultural environment of 203th district of Yakutsk completed by the construction of a library with a book depository volume up to 130 thousand books. The library's collection will consist of works from the extensive school curriculum, as well as popular literature of Russian and foreign authors. There is a separate reading and subscription halls, elementary, middle and high school halls, as well as a leisure area and a game room for the kids. Classes of an artist and different study groups operate on a year-round basis. In addition, an online class was establishment.

The library will also operate the center for the study of reading with scientific-methodical department, department of psychology, sociology and pedagogy of children's reading. Needs of restoration and repair of the books are provided by its own department of technical creativity, publishing and copying laboratory will print and copy all the necessary works.

School No. 25 for 350 pupils 

School for middle and high classes is built in Yakova Potapova Street in 92th district of Yakutsk. The three-storey building is designed for 350 pupils.

In addition to the standard school curriculum pupils will be assisted with career guidance to prepare for entrance exams to higher educational institutions and to develop useful skills. The school hosts its own library with reading room, sports and assembly hall with wardrobe and dressing rooms. For all-round development of pupils, there are classes of Russian national culture and indigenous cultures, computer lab, as well as the office of basic military training with weapons storage facilities.

The Group is building all the educational, cultural institutions in accordance with the requirements of high efficiency. Advanced materials are used in the exterior and interior decoration, installation of ventilated facades, as well as cladding of granite is provided. Access for people with limited mobility is arranged by ramps with non-slip coating.   

School No. 6 for 500 pupils 

The three-storey building in Avtodorozhnaya Street in the city of Yakutsk is designed for 500 pupils.

There will be trained all age groups, from primary to high school. Vital functions of the pupils are fully provided by production capacity of the building: equipped with modern equipment classrooms and labs, including language laboratories and lecture rooms, own kitchen and a spacious dining room, landscaped recreational areas. For active sessions assembly, sports and gyms are provided.

Interior decoration of all rooms is made of natural materials, harmless to health. Security and fire safety of pupils and teachers is provided with the most modern equipment and surveillance cameras around the perimeter of the school grounds.

Construction of kindergarten No. 30 for 200 children

A kindergarten for 200 children has been built in Pionerskaya Street. There will be 11 working groups, including nurseries and speech therapy groups. The number of pupils is less than 15 people in the lower and less than 20 people in the older groups, which is optimal in terms of providing a comfortable learning process for both teachers and children.

The total building area exceeds 3,200 square meters. On three floors there are playing, sleeping and training areas, gym, music hall and theater studio. For the comprehensive development of children offices of computer equipment and fine arts are arranged. The project also envisages the pool of 21 square meters area, where older pupils can take swimming lessons with professional trainers. Physiotherapy, dentist, psychologist and speech therapist complement medical unit, among other facilities. A sensory room is arranged separately.

The adjacent territory of the kindergarten is divided into areas for training of junior, middle and senior groups and adequately staffed with gaming and sports projectiles, small architectural forms. There are flowerbeds and lawns arranged, and a comprehensive landscaping carried out. 

Construction of the Arctic International School for 220 pupils

Academic unit of the Arctic International School has been built in the territory of "Pinery" Rest and Health Center. Six blocks of different heights, including a separate sports unit, are designed for 220 pupils. The total area of the building exceeds 7,200 square meters.

Design of the future building provides the organization of the most comfortable learning process for all school groups. Own laboratory set up in the classes of biology, chemistry and physics, and computer science. A library with a spacious reading room and book depository ensures the needs of the school in the academic literature. Pupils will be able to relax during break in spacious lobby with a fountain and recreational area with a winter garden. There ia also training center’s open space organized.

To conduct creative meetings assembly hall with wardrobe and a room for scenery and props has been built. Individual music lessons, which include piano, string and wind instruments, will be organized in the school. A modern multimedia conference room for 50 people is located in educational building for research activities. The school will also run its own planetarium, the Museum of the Arctic civilization and cinema room.  

Sports life is organized in a separate unit, which houses a spacious swimming pool, sports and dance halls. To organize training provided inventory, the coaching room, showers and changing rooms for boys and girls. At the swimming pool footbath for the prevention of children's health has been created. Water quality monitoring will be carried out in a special laboratory analysis, located directly in the building.

In the landscaped area of the school a platform for mobile games and sports - basketball, volleyball, soccer and gymnastics in combination with the sectors for the long jump and the height jump is located.

Multifunctional entertainment complex – Yuri Gagarin Center for Culture and Contemporary Art with a 500-seat concert hall and an aviation museum 

The Yuri Gagarin Center for Culture and Contemporary Art is slated to become one of the centers of the city's cultural and business life. Equipped with the most advanced multimedia and sound equipment, this multifunctional entertainment complex has recreational facilities for both youth and veterans.

The total area of the building exceeds 5,500 sq.m. A large hall for open meetings with a cafe and wardrobe is located on the first floor. The second floor is occupied by clubs and associations, as well as a club with a universal hall for up to 200 visitors. One of the largest concert halls in Yakutsk, with 500 seats and modern equipment, is set up on the third floor.

The Cultural Center will also host the Aviation Museum of Yakutia, which will collect extensive information about all the events and facts related to the development of republican aviation. The Aviation Museum will exhibit over 40 types of airplanes that have ever been operated in Yakutia.

Sidewalks and driveways have been set up in adjacent areas, safe traffic routes have been arranged. The project provides for the creation of nighttime and daytime illumination of the complex's facilities: floodlights for pedestrian areas, soft-light street and park lamps have been installed. In addition, landscaping of recreation areas has been carried out.

Construction of a kindergarten for 315 children in 203th district

A modern kindergarten for 315 children has been built built in 203th district of Yakutsk. Performed by individual design project, the building is designed for 18 groups, including nurseries, and preschool speech therapy gruops. There are spacious gymnastic and music halls, custom carpentry for boys and girls.

Medical unit of kindergarten is equipped with modern equipment, including everything you need, like measuring boards, apparatus for the determination of flatfoot in babies, lung-testers and much more.

Timeframe for implementation: 2014 - 2019

Client: YaNAD Management of Capital Construction and Investment 

General contractor: VIS Group

VIS Group took over the unfinished kindergarten structure in the town’s ninth microdistrict. The holding's specialists implemented the project taking into account the modern safety standards and the requirements for the equipment of such facilities. Much effort went into strengthening the load-bearing structures of the building frame and replacing interfloor slabs. The project included complete interior decoration, supply of technical equipment, furniture and gear, and the landscaping of the surrounding area.

The two-story kindergarten with a total area of more than 12,500 square meters was designed for 330 children. There will be a total of 19 classes, including nursery, adaptation and preparatory groups. An equipped pool with different depths for several ages will be in operation. The kindergarten is equipped with modern facilities for the education and development of children, including interactive whiteboards, projectors, smart TVs, laptops and computers. There is a medical unit in a separate wing, which comprises the offices of a pediatrician, speech therapist and psychologist, a treatment room, a dental office, a photarium, a sensory room and a phyto-bar. All the required conditions are in place for physical education and dance classes – wall bars, exercise bikes, a treadmill, step platforms and mechanical simulators are installed. All rooms where children spend time are equipped with ultrasonic humidifiers and air purifiers.

The building is equipped according to the principle of a barrier-free environment. For low-mobility groups, the required ramps, two elevators, call and personnel buttons, Braille information plates, tactile and information signs are provided. The decorative materials used comply with all environmental and fire safety requirements. To ensure the safety of children and employees, the children's complex is equipped with a smoke exhaust system, a fire alarm, a video surveillance system inside the building and around the entire outside perimeter, and an access control system.

Timeframe for implementation: 2013 - 2017

Client: Government of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomoous District

General contractor: VIS Group

This is the first project of public-private partnerships in the region. By attracting a private investor – VIS Group – district has managed to address the acute problem of shortage of places in kindergartens and to create fundamentally new conditions for the development of the modern system of preschool and school education.

Construction of two kindergartens for 300 children in Salekhard
Modern 3-storey buildings each can accommodate up to 17 groups, including nursery and speech therapy groups. Besides, the buildings have medical units, speleochambers, and swimming pools where pupils are able to learn how to swim, and take special health-improving courses. 
There are also fine art studios, theater workshops, computer, sewing, carpentry and dancing classrooms for children's leisure activities.
On the third floor of the kindergartens winter gardens, planetariums, music halls and gyms, as well as private museums are located.

Construction of kindergarten for 240 children in Novy Urengoy
The total area of the building is more than 7.5 thousand sq. m. The three-storey kindergarten accommodates group units, a swimming pool, 2 winter gardens, a dancing classroom, and medical facilities with physical therapist's office. For the convenience of small citizens, elevator was installed, as well as indoor and outdoor walking verandas.
Modern technologies, security system were applied. Interactive boards also were installed, computer labs equipped, and interactive floors mounted.

Construction of kindergarten for 80 children in Gorki village
The kindergarten was built in the south-eastern part of Gorki village. The total area of the building exceeds 3,200 sq. m, and it is enough to comfortably accommodate up to 80 pupils. There are nursery and pre-school groups, psychologist and speech therapist's offices, a public room for music and sports, heated terraces and a medical unit. 
The kindergarten territory was equipped with grounds for groups, a public sports ground and cycle lanes.

Construction of kindergarten for 300 children in Tazovsky
The standard construction design for Salekhard kindergartens was also used in the construction of the kindergarten for 300 children in Tazovsky: the kindergarten is one of the most innovative in the town. 
Much attention was given to children's leisure time and their comprehensive development. Here preschooler can learn how to dance, paint, and sing. Teachers also pay a special attention to computer studies. Giving the climate conditions of the region, the building also has a speleochamber, and swimming pool. 

Construction of a joint school and kindergarten building for 200 and 120 children in Muravlenko
The modern building consists of two blocks to comfortably accommodate a kindergarten, and school for 120 and 200 children respectively. The total area of the educational facility is over 11,000 sq. m. 
In addition to classrooms and group units, there is a gym and events hall, a library, a laboratory, and winter garden. The building also has facilities for clubs and extra-curricular activities.

Timeframe for implementation: 2011 to 2016

Client: YaNAD Management of Capital Construction and Investment 

General contractor: VIS Group

"Zvezdny" is the largest sports complex of international level in the Yamal territory. The total building area is about 23,000 square meters.

Under the guidance of VIS Group experts, the project undergone several changes to meet not only Russian but also international standards. As a result, the layout and purpose of some premises were changed, special events to ensure fire safety executed, large hall capacity extended from 1600 to 2040 seats.

Today the complex consists of over 10 sports & other halls, including a large multi-purpose hall, game hall, hall of dance, aerobics, wrestling, boxing, weightlifting, table tennis, gym and billiard halls, shooting range for 25 and 50 meters. Its total training throughput per day amounts to almost 3,000 people. The complex will engage 130 specialists, including instructors working with children.

“Zvezndy” became not only a sports site of a new level, but also a place of the organization of cultural, entertainment and recreational activities. For this purpose, VIS Group specialists installed the most modern multimedia equipment, allowing carrying out any show program. Special cladding panels in a large multi-purpose hall allow achieving high quality sound. It also has transformable stands, which are easy to move in and out depending on needs of event organizers.

Timeframe for implementation: 2011 - 2015

Client: YaNAD Management of Capital Construction and Investment 

General contractor: VIS Group

VIS Group is the general contractor for the construction of Sadko Social-Rehabilitation Center in Novy Urengoy.

This unique center is designated for the provision of social, psychological and other help to children, and their parents or legal representatives. Social rehabilitation experts shall assist those young people in recovering their social status of minor and returning to their families. 

The building of the center includes all the things which are necessary for rendering comprehensive help to those who need it: medical care rooms, psychological help and social rehabilitation rooms, reception, as well as administrative and maintenance rooms with catering facilities and laundry.

There is also a gym, events hall, library with a reading hall and book depository, swimming pool, sewing and shoes repair workshops in the Center. Here children will be taught dancing and music, sewing, carpentry and the basics of modern information technologies. The complex also includes two residential units — for girls and for boys, as well as rooms for disabled children. There are public rooms and bedrooms, as well as cloak room and canteen in each unit.

Timeframe for implementation: 2011 - 2015

Client: YaNAD Management of Capital Construction and Investment 

General contractor: VIS Group

VIS Group carries out a full set of construction and installation works related to the erection of a modern Ice Arena in Nadym. The total area of the three-storey building is over 6,000 sq. m. 

The Ice Arena is designed to have 500 seats and special equipment for the disabled persons. On the first floor in addition to the ice arena itself there will be changing rooms for hockey players, a gym with changing rooms, and sauna, premises for ice resurfacers and the entrance for guests. 

On the second floor there will be room for acrobatics, coachers' facilities and a TV studio. Two skyboxes and other administrative facilities are located on the third floor. The project also includes an entrance for visitors who go skating, with a skate rental, changing cabins and rooms. 

The surrounding area will have a convenient parking lot for 42 cars including 10 places for disabled persons. The project also includes lawns and other improvement elements.

Timeframe for implementation: 2012 - 2014

Client: YaNAD Management of Capital Construction and Investment 

General contractor: VIS Group

VIS Group was the general contractor in the construction of a two-storey kindergarten for 120 children in Noyabrsk.

The kindergarten includes premises for 6 groups for kids aged 1.5 to 7 years, speech therapist and education psychologist rooms, a medical unit, a music hall, and gym. There are also walking terraces for children to walk in winter. 

The total area of the building is more than 2,000 sq. m.

Timeframe for implementation: 2011 - 2014

Client: YaNAD Management of Capital Construction and Investment 

General contractor: VIS Group

In 2014 for the new school year the biggest boarding school in Tazovsky got a new dormitory block. The total area of the dormitory block is 12 thousand sq. m. The three-storey building has been designed to accommodate 260 children and includes bedrooms, homework preparation rooms, a canteen and medical unit. 

Apart from the general construction and installation works the development of the surrounding area was also carried out: children's playing and sports grounds were constructed, illumination of the territory was performed, pedestrian facilities and driveways for staff vehicles and fire-fighters were constructed.

Timeframe for implementation: 2014 - 2014

Client: YaNAD Management of Capital Construction and Investment 

General contractor: VIS Group

In August 2014 VIS Group won the open tender organized by the YNAD Directorate of Capital Construction to complete the construction of three-storey building of a kindergarten for 300 children.

The project involved completing the interior works, equipping the facility with all necessary equipment, and the development of the surrounding area that includes night lighting of the facades and decorative lighting installation, landscaping construction and grass planting.

New pre-school educational facility of a total area of 9,000 sq. m accommodates 17 groups, including 6 nursery groups, 9 pre-school groups, and 2 speech therapy groups. In order to ensure the comprehensive development of pupils there are two music rooms and gyms, theater studio with a wardrobe, sewing and carpentry workshops in the kindergarten. There are summer terraces, sport and play grounds for outdoor activities.

Timeframe for implementation: 2011 to 2014

Client: YaNAD Management of Capital Construction and Investment 

General contractor: VIS Group

Sports Palace includes a multi-purpose hall team sports and swimming pool with a cup of ski jumping. The total area of ​​the sports complex is about 7000 square meters.

According to the designers building is three storeys of different spatial volume. Allocated volumes premises gym, pool hall, the viewing area, administrative and service and support facilities. The complex includes a universal gym for volleyball, basketball, mini-football, as well as two swimming pools area of ​​1692.2 and 175.6 square meters.

Timeframe for implementation: 2011 to 2014

Client: YaNAD Management of Capital Construction and Investment 

General contractor: VIS Group

The project provides for a three-storey building of unusual architectural form – two rectangular buildings are connected with central atrium, which houses a library, cinema and concert hall for more than 220 people. The top of the atrium crowned with a decorative metal dome.

The left wing of the school also performed with the use of non-standard architectural solutions – the pavilion in the form of a glazed cone includes a small hall for demonstrations and music classes. The right wing houses the classic, historical, residential and modern dance rooms. Recording studio, dressing room and a spacious warehouse for scenery will be adjacent to the rehearsal hall for the academic concerts.

In addition to the construction of the school building project includes extensive landscaping of the adjacent territory. It provides for the establishment of:
• School of the Arts Central Alley;
• The exhibition area with lawns and flower gardens;
• Parking for 59 cars for personnel and guest vehicles.

Timeframe for implementation: 2011 to 2013

Client: YaNAD Management of Capital Construction and Investment 

General contractor: VIS Group

The Registry office, known as the "House of Life", is a high-tech three-storey building with a total area of over 4,000 square meters. There are located two rooms for marriage registration, equipped with the original broadcast system of a wedding reception, the bride and groom rooms, as well as the entire archive of the city. Panoramic elevator installed in the building allows evaluating all the splendor of the plan of architects and designers.

The project applied the original building materials such as flooring from the Italian master Bartley. The walls inside the building are decorated with tapestries. At the entrance to the Registry office a wrought carriage is installed in which the bride and groom can be photographed for memory.

The "House of Life" meets all the latest safety and comfort requirements. The building is equipped with an automatic control system controlling the operation of all communications, which, in return, reduces resources consumption.

The first Registry office, the appearance of which residents were waiting for 37 years since the settlement of the city, has become one of the sights of the city.

Timeframe for implementation: 2011 to 2013

Client: YaNAD Management of Capital Construction and Investment 

General contractor: VIS Group

The AIDS Prevention and Control Center is a high-tech medical facility equipped with the latest equipment. The project provides for a high-level automation and control of all engineering systems. Here we have applied solutions that ensure high efficiency of both equipment and design solutions. We have taken into account access demands of people with limited mobility. 

The main building of the Center houses a hospital for 50 persons, a laboratory complex, as well as a maternity ward for infected mothers. The Center will additionally treat hepatitis B and C, as well as various kinds of allergies. 274 professionals will ensure the new medical facility operation.

VIS Group executed the full range of construction works in accordance with the established schedule. Additionally landscaping of the adjacent territory was conducted.

Timeframe for implementation: 2013

Client: YaNAD Management of Capital Construction and Investment 

General contractor: VIS Group

VIS Group acted as a general contractor on the construction project of the kindergarten in Tazovsky (Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District). The building is designed for 240 children, including places for children with delayed mental development and severe speech disorders.

The building housed the kindergarten classrooms, gym, music and sports halls, and swimming pool. The adjacent territory was landscaped, including the construction of recreational verandas, modern playgrounds, small architectural forms and landscaping lawns.

Timeframe for implementation: 2011 - 2013

Client: YaNAD Management of Capital Construction and Investment 

General contractor: VIS Group

VIS Group has implemented the project of one of the most innovative kindergartens in YNAD within a record time — one year and ten months. YNAD Governor Dmitry Kobylkin noted in his speech during his visit to the construction site that the new building became a true adornment of this residential neighborhood.

This kindergarten has rooms for 12 groups of kids of various ages and also has a gym and a music room, a swimming pool, a medical unit and a physical therapist's office. Professional psychologists and speech therapists work with children. 

The development of the surrounding area has been also performed: planting of pines, installing of border stones, paving of sidewalks, covering the children's playing ground with wood, asphalt paving and lawn planting. The total area is over 9,000 sq. m.

Timeframe for implementation: 2012 to 2013

Client: General Directorate of Construction of Krasnodar Region

General contractor: VIS Group

Construction of facilities for winter Olympics 2014 in Sochi has become the most important project for the entire country. We are proud to be involved in this exclusive construction. The Olympics is not only the most modern sport facilities and stadiums, but it is also the most complex engineering infrastructure, without which the competition conduction would be impossible. VIS Group takes part in the Olympics project by constructing several infrastructure facilities.

Backbone water pipeline starting from the water intake of the Mzymta river to the water intake of the Psou river

The project includes project-exploring and construction works for laying water pipes, designed for water supply of Coastal cluster Olympic facilities. 

11 km long water pipeline is divided into lower and upper branches, running along the LowerImeretinsky Valley. From the upper branch water is supplied to the coastal Olympic village and to the Ice arena for figure skating. The lower branch runs along the territory of the Olympic park. 

The route runs in such a way, that water intakes of Mzymta and Psou rivers are looped, providing reliable supply of sport and infrastructure facilities, constructed in Imeretinsky Valley. Backbone water pipeline of Imeretinsky Valley supplies water to the Coastal cluster Olympic facilities: The Fisht Olympic Stadium, the Bolshoy Ice Dome, the Shayba Arena, the Ice Cube Curling Center, the Iceberg Skating Palace and the Adler Arena Skating Center

Thanks to VIS Group experts and erectors the water was supplied to all the ice stadium ahead of the schedule. This allowed to successfully run the test competitions of figure skating, curling and speed skating one year prior to the beginning of the Olympic Games.  

Medium-pressure gas line to the Rosa Khutor Alpine Resort

Along the gas line, which length is 7,835 km, the gas is supplied to the mountain Olympic village. It runs from the elevational mark of +546 m to mark +1153 m above mean sea level. VIS Group is capable of executing the full range of planning and surveying and installation and construction works. 

The gas line is performed of polyethylene pipes, buried in ground and steel ones, buried along processing steps. In total, 12 processing steps across water and other barriers have been constructed along the gas line. The largest of them are the one across the Shumikhinsky creek (66 m long) and the one across Sulimovsky creek (111 m long). The weight of bridge crossing structure across the Sulimovsky creek exceeds 200 tons, it was mounted according to the specially designed project applying the “launching” method.

The construction was carried out in severe climatic and rocky conditions on a tight schedule. Within the scope of the project slopes engineering protection was implemented, expressly, the construction of 436 m long pile-supported back walls of with concrete capacity of 3,030 sq. m. Also, the slopes were protected with geogrid of 1,223 sq. m in are.

Water conduit from backbone network of Krasnaya Polyana village to the Olympic facilities of Rosa Khutor plateau

The route of the high-altitude water conduit passes along the alpine ridge 40 kilometers away from Sochi. What makes this unique hydraulic structure different is its construction was performed in space-confined conditions as two pipelines in the highlands. The significant difficulty was the large height difference, in some sections it constitutes 270 m. For instance, the water intake is situated at the height of 550 m above mean sea level, and the highest point of construction of water pipeline was the elevation mark of 1130 m. In such conditions, in some sites it was difficult to use construction equipment, thus, excavation and pipelaying were performed manually there.  

Also, because of height difference between extreme points of water pipeline critically heavy water pressure of 40 atmospheres was formed. Experts developed technical solution, that enables damping excess water pressure down to standard level of 16 atmospheres. For this purpose, along the entire length of water conduit more than 70 different wells and chambers were placed, fitted with modern hydro-engineering equipment. 

The constructed water conduit guaranteed the athletes and participants of the Olympic Games in Sochi supply with clean drinking water.

Project implementation envisaged three stages:

Stage 1. The construction of 3 km long route from the water intake to the Mountain Olympic village of the Rosa Khutor Alpine Resort. 

On the site there are two water pumping stations, fitted with high-tech equipment, that does not require personnel attendance for operation. The purpose of this site is water supply for construction-assembly works at Rosa Khutor site prior to commissioning of main water pipeline , as well as during test competitions, held December, 2012 to January, 2013. After commissioning of the main water conduit this line operates reverse water feed to supply the facilities of ski resort.

Stage 2. Water supply from backbone water conduit of Krasnaya Polyana village at elevation +550 m to Rosa Khutor Mountain Olympic village at the elevation +1150 m above mean sea level.

The length of the route amounts to 6 km. Most of it runs in the same corridor with a medium-pressure gas line. This site includes processing steps across three water barriers: Sulimovsky, Shumikhinsky and Rzhanoy creeks. The length of processing steps: is 111 m, 66 m and 20 m accordingly. For the purpose of smooth operation of water conduit along the route 6 pumping stations, that operate in automated mode and do not require personnel attendance, were constructed. Their control is performed from Krasnaya Polyana village dispatch station employing GSM/GPRSwireless communication channel. Pumping stations are powered from five newly constructed transformer substations, connected with cable lines of more than 40 km total length. 

Along the route of water conduit the slope protective structures in the form of pile-supported concrete back walls were erected. Their total length is 365 m. The water conduit is also protected from landslides and snow slides by gabion structures (back walls of wire frames, filled with stones). Their length is 673 m, stone mass capacity is 648 sq. m. 

Stage 3. The construction of 1 km long route running from water intake in the region of the Mzymta river high water bed to the lower base of Rosa Khutor with wells and connection chamber arrangement. 

Water conduit Krasnaya Polyana – “Gornaya Karusel”

The project purpose was creation of water supply system to supply consumers. At the site VIS Group has applied the full range of planning & surveying and installation & construction works. 

The length of the route amounts to 6 km. The water supply system is designed for water delivery to “Gornaya Karusel” sport and tourist complex. The route passes in parallel and in close proximity to the route of tourist cable car lift. This water pipeline is the component part of future centralized system of consumers water to supply for Krasnaya Polyana village district and Olympic facilities located on the Northern slope of the Aibga mountain.

The route of water conduit passes from the point of tie-in into the backbone water conduit at the elevation of +540 m above mean sea level, crosses the Mzymta river on its left bench passes under railroad and along the Northern slope of the Aibga mountain reaches “Gornaya Karusel” sport and tourist complex at the elevation of +960 m above mean sea level. At that, on the slope the water conduit is located along the edge of clearing 17-18 m to the West from the axis of existing cable way. 

The structure is steel pipeline with total length of 2.2 km, consisting of two pipe strings buried in ground, two pumping stations and two retention tanks for clear water, 500 m3 each. Electrical part of the project includes four parts of 10 kv cable line of 6.3 km total length with of three transformer substations assembly and connection at the sites of pumping stations and at the site of retention tanks.

Timeframe for implementation: 2011 - 2012

Client: YaNAD Management of Capital Construction and Investment 

General contractor: VIS Group

The complex constructed by VIS Group has four floors and is connected to the rest of the clinic via a heated passage. There are all the things which are necessary for the examination and treatment of children: from laboratories and exercise therapy units to psychological support rooms. The building has specially constructed salt caves which is particularly important regarding the climate conditions of the Far North. 

VIS Group carried out a full set of construction and installation works and purchased the necessary medical equipment including ultrasound machines, hot tubs and the Salekhard's only children robotic system Lokomat.

Timeframe for implementation: 2009 to 2012

Client: "Gazprom dobycha Noyabrsk", LLC

General contractor: VIS Group

VIS Group successfully completed construction works in terms of the project despite severe climate conditions of the Extreme North.

The building consists of five-story atrium and two-storey block connected by a passage. The complex includes the company office, underground parking, medical center with dental cabinet and cultural and recreational area. The total construction area is about 16 thousand sq. meters. The Group has executed a full range of construction works in accordance with the schedule, despite the fact all the works were carried out in the difficult climatic conditions of the Far North.

Timeframe for implementation: 2009 to 2011

Client: Foundation of preparation for the celebration of the 450th anniversary of the founding of the city of Astrakhan

Investor: Gazprom

General contractor: VIS Group 

The project was implemented for 450-anniversary of Astrakhan and has no analogues in Russia.

Illuminating system of the television tower in Astrakhan (height including pin is 180 m) is executed with consideration of global experience of designing architectural lighting for engineering facilities with use of advanced lighting devices.

Basic works in terms of the project:

  • Installation of all-weather rooflight projectors;
  • Routing subsystems made of color dynamic LED RGB-projectors for “light filling” of the tower;
  • Installation of “belt-light” subsystem composed by 20 thousand LED lamps of different colors.

Timeframe for implementation: 2009 - 2011

Client: "Gazprom dobycha Astrakhan", LLC  

General contractor: VIS Group

As a result of the project implementation the territory of the Center has been divided into several functional areas: administrative, sport, and two residential areas for children of junior and senior school age. 

VIS Group experts constructed a multi-purpose sports and leisure center, with a cinema and concert hall, indoor sports facilities, a canteen, a library, and cyber cafe.

There is also a summer theater, indoor and outdoor pools, and sports grounds on the territory of the center. The center now has also dancing and bonfire grounds, and a fountain. The general project plan also involved the construction of an administrative building, staff residential houses, and planting of the territory.

Timeframe for implementation: 2006 to 2011

Client: "Gazprom dobycha Orenburg", LLC

General contractor: VIS Group

In 2011 VIS Group put into commission a complex of buildings for Gazprom dobycha Orenburg, LLC, including “Gazovik” cultural and sports center and industrial health clinic.

Office building is the highest one in Orenburg (78.4 meters, 17 floors) and corresponds to the most advanced construction and architectural standards. House front is made on the basis of exclusive double glazing technology in combination with natural stone lining. “Gazovik” cultural and sports center is a unique facility which has no analogues in the entire Orenburg region.

It includes:

  • Seven gyms;
  • Two swimming pools;
  • Three ballet halls;
  • More than a dozen of amateur art activities studios;
  • A large playing hall with stands for 227 seats with contemporary coating;
  • Winter Garden area of over 1200 square meters.

Timeframe for implementation: 2010

Client: Administration of Yaroslavl

Investor: Gazprom

General contractor: VIS Group 

General designer: VIS Group 

The project was implemented by the 1000th anniversary of the city foundation.

The project included a comprehensive land improvement of the Spit, the confluence of the Volga and the Kotorosl rivers:

  • The Central Promenade arrangement,
  • the Kotorosl River bank protection,
  • Granite paving of the lower tier of the Lower embankment from the Spit to the River Station and the pedestrian zone of the Volga embankment,
  • Granite lining of the staircase to the Assumption Cathedral, stairs and rest areas of the Lower embankment on the area from the Spit to the River Station.

In addition, the project included the fountain renovation and the adjustment of existing lighting and the arrangement of additional lighting of the Spit, including mood lighting of the sculptural group and the Central Promenade.

The project was implemented in a highly tight schedule and was highly appreciated by the region administration. Mr. Dmitry Medvedev attended the gala opening of the embankment.

Timeframe for implementation: 2007 to 2010

Client: Administration of Astrakhan

Investor: Gazprom

General contractor: VIS Group

The project was implemented by the 450th anniversary of Astrakhan.

The embankment territory was significantly expanded and divided into areas: Ceremonial square near the Wedding Palace and the stroll & play area of 1.5 km long.

The following works were carried out under the project:

  • New landscape design created,
  • Fountains constructed and sculpture compositions installed,
  • The embankment lined with pink granite.
Reconstruction and improvement of the embankment was carried out using genuine creative and constructive solutions of designers, architects and constructors.

Mr. Vladimir Putin attended the gala opening of the reconstructed embankment.