Industrial Infrastructure

Industrial Infrastructure

The growing Russian economy, as well as the processes of industrial infrastructure modernization gave a powerful impetus to the development of industrial construction. Depreciation of fixed productive assets and obsolete equipment cause investors to initiate projects on modernization and escalating of production volumes in the industrial sector. The project portfolio of VIS Group includes many businesses built and under construction that contribute to the augmentation of the industrial potential of the country.

Timeframe for implementation: 2009 to 2021

Investor: Gazprom

Client: "NUGCC", LLC

General contractor: VIS Group

Construction of Novy Urengoy gas and chemical complex is conducted 30 km from New Urengoy in Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District. The design capacity shall be up to 400,000 tons of low-density polyethylene of various grades per year. This production facility will become the largest one in Russia. In addition to core products, the complex under construction will produce a wide fraction of hydrocarbons and methane fraction. It is planned to use the gas produced at the Urengoy gas field as raw material for the production of ethylene and polyethylene.

The project is developed based on foreign cutting-edge technologies and will combine the ethylene production from blends of hydrocarbon gas and the subsequent production of low density polyethylene in a single technological chain. VIS Group is the General Contractor for the construction and putting the complex into operation.

The first stage includes construction of priority infrastructure facilities needed to support the site.

The second stage includes construction of primary production and offsite facilities.

Total area of the construction site is about 600 hectares. Works are carried out in close proximity to the Arctic Circle in the area with difficult climatic conditions.

Timeframe for implementation: 2012 to 2014

Client: YaNAD Management of Capital Construction and Investment 

General contractor: VIS Group

The milk processing plant has the total area of 600 sq. m and is located in the area of Angalskiy Cape in Salekhard. The total capacity is about 2 tons of milk products per shift. The project was implemented as a part of the focused investment program of YaNAD.

As the general contractor of the construction works, VIS Group carried out a full range of design and survey works, construction and installation works regarding the building of the plant, a transformer substation, and other necessary infrastructure facilities.

The new plant provides Yamal Peninsula population with the most high demand products — milk, kefir, sour cream, and fat-free farmer cheese. Product quality control laboratory, modern chilling machinery and sufficient capacity are essential to supply the shops with only fresh goods. Finished goods are shipped to the social services facilities and trading network of YaNAD. 
In addition to high quality products, the new milk plant also created jobs for the district capital.

Timeframe for implementation: 2010

Client: "Gazprom transgaz Moscow", LLC

General contractor: VIS Group 

Emergency restoration trains are specialized units with personnel, equipment and a lab for non-destructive testing of welds.

The project included a full range of design and survey works on the bases of Ostrogozhsk and Gavrilovsk UMGs, including the collection of initial permits, development of design documents and engineering works.

Design and construction of bases of emergency restoration trains of Morshansk main gas pipelines administrations of Gazprom Transgaz Moscow, LLC was carried out.

Works carried out included the construction site preparation (removal of buildings and structures and construction site preparation), transport and laying of cable networks, the construction of an administrative building, a garage next to the repair area, open parking for vehicles with a shed, a thermal parking building for emergency restoration trains, platforms for the emergency stock of pipes, a transformer substation, and construction of district heating, water supply and sewerage networks.

Timeframe for implementation: 2004 to 2009

Client: “Orenburggazprom”, LLC

General contractor: VIS Group

“Orenburggazprom” LLC Helium Plant is one of the largest gas complex businesses for the extraction and processing of natural gas. The plant carries out purification of natural gas from mercaptan sulfur with simultaneous deep drying the moisture, and further processing of gas to produce the target components: helium, ethane fraction and liquefied petroleum gas. After being compressed, processed gas is directed to the main gas pipeline.

Due to a major accident at the Helium Plant, which occurred on August 21, 2004, several office and industrial buildings were affected, part of interplant communications was destroyed, including piping and cable lines.

The project's objective was to restore the Helium Plant facilities, expand the plant capacity in the shortest time.

Fixed time for the construction work was reduced by more than half. The equipment on trestles and plants were upgraded, space-planning solutions were implemented in line with current technical requirements.

In addition to the restoration and reconstruction of facilities damaged in the accident, establishment of communication and security systems, brand new plant buildings and structures were constructed according to the advanced standards in the field of industrial construction.

Restoration of the first starting complex of the plant was completed in September 2004, of the second one - in April 2005, of the third one - in May 2006.

Timeframe for implementation: 2004 to 2009

Client: "Gazprom dobycha Orenburg", LLC

General contractor: VIS Group

The main products of the plant include gas purified from hydrogen sulfide and mercaptan, stabilized condensate, ethane fraction, liquefied petroleum gases, sulfur, odorant and pentane-hexane fraction.

Due to changes in the composition of raw materials for receiving gas of Karachaganak field, the plant needed to reconstruct a number of technological facilities and technical upgrading of Stage III.

The project implemented the reconstruction of low-pressure gas reservoir, renovated the Central Plant Lab and installed “U-50” (Claus unit).