10 out of 16 stages of bridge span structure sliding over the Ob River have been completed In Novosibirsk

The VIS Group’s construction division has completed stage 10 of bridge span structure sliding over the Ob River in Novosibirsk, increasing it by 39 running meters. To date, 419 running meters of the structure with a total length of 776 meters have been launched from the left bank.

As part of stage 11, the assembly of 497-ton metal structures is already underway. After its completion, the bridge will become another 33 meters closer to the right bank. A total of 6287 tons of metal structures have been assembled since March 2021, including the launching girder. The superstructure weighs 10375.8 tons.

The construction of the H-shaped 114-meter pylon continues on the right bank. It comprises two monolithic supports linked by a lower concrete and upper steel cross beams or lintels. The construction of the lower pylon bulkhead is currently underway. It is located at a height of 15 meters and will ensure the stability of the entire structure. Three stages of this work have been completed.

The pylon will hold the 380-meter cable-stayed part of the bridge by means of 70 steel cables. To date, the monolithic body of the right pylon post has been cast to a height of 48 meters, and that of the left post - to 36 meters.

The VIS Group is the investor of the concession project for the new bridge crossing. It will result in a major renovation of the entire transport system in the capital of Siberia, increased transport accessibility of the parts of the city that are divided by the river, unburdening of the existing bridges and road network. Through traffic without traffic lights and a system of overpasses, tunnels and road junctions will allow for quick and convenient travel from one bank to another. The total length of the newly created transport infrastructure will be 5.1 km.

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