120 people are engaged in the construction of the State Philharmonic and the Arctic Center for Epic Literature and the Arts in Yakutsk

VIS Group continues to implement the public-private partnership project to create the State Philharmonic Society and the Arctic Center for Epic Literature and the Arts in Yakutsk. 120 builders are currently engaged in the construction of the monolithic building frame. Installers, technicians, crane operators, geodetic engineers, carpenters, fitters, concrete workers and laborers work onsite in two shifts, employing four tower cranes and special equipment. A significant part of the specialists are residents of Yakutia.

To date, the overall construction readiness of this large-scale facility is estimated at 25%. The monolithic frame of the six-story building is 60% ready, and a total of 12,000 cubic meters of concrete has been poured. Columns, floor slabs and walls are being concreted on the 3rd-floor level, cold joints are being cleaned and prepared for concrete work on the 4th floor. The building’s temporary thermal circuit is slated to be completed by the end of this year, which will allow to continue construction work at the facility in winter.

The new cultural cluster on the Lake Saysary shore is a 36.7-meter building with a total area of almost 33,000 m2. It includes several planning solutions of various sizes to accommodate the 700-seat State Philharmonic Hall and the Arctic Center with an 800-seat capacity. The center’s transformable stage will unite the Olonkho National Theater and the Sakha Academic Theater. In addition, exhibition and business event spaces are being created here. The project entails significant landscaping work on the adjacent territory. The shoreline will be reinforced and a pedestrian embankment and a 1,500-car parking lot will be built.

The facility is unique both in terms of the applied architectural solutions and the climatic conditions where it is being built. To date, there are no cultural centers of this scale built in permafrost conditions anywhere in the world. The implementation of this PPP project will allow to hold international events in Yakutia for the first time, including music concerts, theatrical performances, show programs and conferences. Jobs will be created here for more than 530 specialists in the cultural and art sphere.

The project’s investor and private partner is VIS Group, and the financial partner is Gazprombank. After the facility is launched into operation, the Group will carry out its technical operation for 7 years, guaranteeing the normal functioning of all engineering systems and installed professional equipment.

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