13 out of 16 stages of bridge span structure launching over the Ob River in Novosibirsk have been completed

During the New Year holidays, the construction division of the VIS Group completed the next stage of launching the bridge span structure across the river Ob in Novosibirsk. Over 50 running meters were launched; 645 tons of metal structures were assembled. Today, the total length of the 8007-ton span structure is 563 linear meters.

Since January 10, the builders have started assembling the 14th-stage steel structures with the length of 62 running meters and weight of 717 tons. In total, there are 16 launching stages, and the combined weight of the superstructure will exceed 10,000 tons. It will form the basis of the 1.5-km long bridge roadway. The launching work is carried out conventionally, utilizing four hydraulic jacks with a total capacity of 1200 tons.

The assembly of the cable-stayed section of the bridge continues on the right bank. It will be subsequently docked with the superstructure launched from the left bank. It will pass over the City Beginnings Park and provide access to the right-bank traffic junction. The total length of the cable-stayed section is 380 running meters, its weight is 6000 tons. 70 cables will be used to hold the 114-meter pylon in place. To date, 15 grips of the left and 16 grips of the right monolithic pylon body have been concreted. Each grip is 4 meters high, so today the respective sides of pylon stand 60 and 64 meters high.

The concessionaire of the project for the construction of the fourth bridge across the Ob in Novosibirsk is the Siberian Concession Company (part of the VIS Group). The company has won an open tender held by the Government of the Novosibirsk Region in 2017. The financial partner is Gazprombank. The project is the largest transport concession in Siberia today. The result of the project will be a major overhaul of the entire Novosibirsk transport system, increased transport accessibility of the areas of the city divided by the river, unburdening of the existing bridges and the road network.

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