800,000 cubic meters of soil laid during the construction of a high-speed backup for the Moscow Ring Road in the Moscow region

The VIS Group continues to implement the concession project for the creation of the Vinogradovo - Boltino - Tarasovsk highway in the Moscow Region. Construction work is being carried out simultaneously at several technological sites. Over 200 specialists and 60 units of special equipment are engaged onsite.

To date, the main road embankment, technological driveways and construction sites have been completed using over 800,000 cubic meters of soil. 237 wells were installed, 4.8 km of storm sewer were laid and four culverts were set up. The construction of overpasses across the Pirogovskoye highway and the Chanka river continues concurrently with the earthworks; 85% and 50% of the pile foundations have been completed at this time, respectively. Monolithic support construction work began in October. Laying of proposed engineering networks and the reconstruction of existing networks in the construction zone are continuing. Geodetic work monitoring is carried out using unmanned aerial vehicles.

The VIS Group is the project investor, and Gazprombank is the financial partner. The concession agreement provides for the creation of a four-lane road spanning over 16 kilometers, including bridges, overpasses and transport interchanges. It will run at a distance of 4-8 kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road, acting as a backup and preserving local roads as alternative. At the same time, motorists will be able to use specific road sections; five toll collection points will be built for this purpose.

The new highway will reduce the congestion of the Yaroslavskoye, Dmitrovskoye and Ostashkovskoye highways by 30%, and of the northern section of the Moscow Ring Road – by 20%. The road will significantly improve transport accessibility for more than 850,000 Moscow region residents. Estimated traffic: 24,600 to 39,000 vehicles per day.

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