Bridge concession in Novosibirsk is construction accelerated

Today, representatives of the Federal Road Agency, the leadership of the regional ministry of transport and road facilities and a member of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation Vladimir Gorodetsky visited the construction sites of the bridge across the Ob River in Novosibirsk. Such regular working visits take place as part of the interaction between the concession grantor and the concessionaire. This is the first time that the site on the right bank, where large-scale works on bridge pylon construction are ongoing, was presented. Rosavtodor was represented by Denis Kiryukhin, Deputy Head of the Department for Regional Development and National Project Implementation.

The Novosibirsk bridge concession is the largest in Siberia and one of the first public-private partnership projects in Russia's transport sphere, which is being co-financed from the federal budget. VIS Group acts as the project concessionaire, managing its entire life cycle, which includes financing, construction and subsequent operation of the facility for 20 years. The volume of the holding's own investments is over 22%. Gazprombank is the project's financial partner.

Ruslan Semyonov, CEO of VIS Group's Construction Division, spoke about the progress of the project, the specifics of work under tight construction deadlines and ensuring technical traffic on the bridge by the beginning of the World Youth Hockey Championship, which will be held in Novosibirsk at the end of 2022. Under the terms of the concession agreement, construction will be completed in 2023.

Today, work has been organized simultaneously at eight sites on both banks, with over 800 people engaged in the process. At the same time, the construction of the highway's main passage and overpass, traffic interchanges and tunnels, reconstruction of the Zyryanovsky overpass is underway. At the same time, the installation and assembly of the steel span structures and their sliding onto the supports are being carried out. The total length of the bridge span will be 776 meters, weight - 9600 tons. It will become the foundation of the bridge roadbed, which will span 1.56 km. To date, 159 meters of the structure assembled on the shore has been gradually slid on. The assembled superstructure weighs over 2,000 tons.

“Every 9 days the pylon body increases by 4 meters in height and the formwork is rearranged; there will be 29 such “rearrangements.” On behalf of the Russian Government, we optimized the schedules, which reduced the construction period for the main course by 24 months. Therefore, we are simultaneously working on a large number of sites, which inevitably creates certain inconveniences for Novosibirsk residents. We are asking you to be patient, and at the end of 2022 the situation with traffic jams will definitely improve,” said Ruslan Semyonov, CEO of the VIS Production Company.
The 114-meter H-shaped pylon is the largest bridge structure. Using cable-stayed structures, it will hold the 380.63-meter continuous metal superstructure of the bridge and will preserve the park adjacent to the Mikhailovskaya embankment. After the construction is completed, all the landscaping elements will be restored and the City Beginning Park will again become accessible to the citizens and guests of Novosibirsk.

The day before, a number of Novosibirsk media outlets reported on behalf of one of the city council deputies on the appeal of an unnamed expert to the police. He complained about the use of low-quality materials in the reconstruction of engineering communications and replacement of design materials with others. Answering the questions of the journalists present, the CEO of the VIS Production Company stated that there were no such facts, all the materials correspond to the design solutions and possess the required certificates, which is confirmed by the designers' conclusions.

“No used materials are utilized at this facility; all materials are new. We are ready for any inspection by law enforcement agencies and will submit all materials and documents,” said Anatoly Kostylevsky, Minister of Transport and Roads of the Novosibirsk Region. He also discussed the measured financing of construction work by the federal budget and the concessionaire, as well as the allocation of advanced financing due to the need to ensure the early opening of technical traffic.

The fourth bridge in Novosibirsk is the largest road concession in Siberia. It will connect Yuzhnaya Square with Truda Square and run parallel to the existing railway crossing. It will provide access to the Baikal, Chuisky tract and Siberia federal highways. The large-scale project involves the construction of a six-lane highway with multi-level interchanges, which will eliminate traffic lights and ensure the continuity of traffic flows. In addition to the bridge itself, several overpasses will be created through the city tram lines and the Trans-Siberian Railway lines. The total length of all transport infrastructure facilities created under the concession will exceed 5 kilometers.

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