Deputy of the Novosibirsk Legislative Assembly (United Russia party) Elena Spasskikh visits one of the PPP clinics under construction: "This is an important strategic facility for us"

On February 15, Deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Novosibirsk Region from the United Russia party Elena Spasskikh and representatives of the public and the media visited the construction site of Polyclinic #13 in the Kirovsky District. This is one of the seven healthcare facilities being created in the capital of Siberia as part of VIS Group’s public-private partnership project. The polyclinic under construction is located in the area of the deputy's constituency. Elena Spasskikh - Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Culture, Education, Science, Sports and Youth Policy of the Regional Parliament.

Sergey Parsadanyan, Head of the Group’s Medical Division, and Andrei Isaev, Deputy CEO for Construction of PF VIS LLC, discussed the progress of work at the facility and the implementation of the PPP project as a whole. Today, over 60 people are employed at the site, and about 550 people - at all seven sites.

“To date, the reinforcement and pouring of concrete of the foundation slab, the erection of the reinforced concrete walls of the basement have been completed. Work is underway on their waterproofing and thermal insulation, they are completed by 85% and 25%, respectively. 80% of monolithic reinforced concrete floors of the basement have been installed. The builders reached the building’s first-floor level: here, the installation of monolithic reinforced concrete columns was completed by 50%. Meanwhile, the installation of elevator shafts is underway: this work is 39% completed. Polyclinic #13 is slated to be commissioned in Q1 of 2024,” said Andrey Isaev.

The construction of the facility began in August 2022 due to objective reasons. A significant increase in prices for all basic building materials and the ongoing sanction pressure have led to the need for the polyclinic projects to pass the state examination again. This allowed to reflect the current price indices for materials and equipment supplied. All these changes, as well as the adjusted commissioning dates for each of the seven facilities, were established in an additional agreement signed with the Government of the Novosibirsk Region.

“At the design stage, a lot of work was done together with the public partner to update the medical and technical specifications. New recommendations of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation for equipping medical institutions were taken into account, in particular, those for the provision of medical care in the field of oncology, medical examinations and preventive medical examinations. In connection with the objective need, the areas of most polyclinics were significantly increased. The total area of the seven buildings was increased from 72 to 88 thousand m2, which is actually comparable to the increase in the entire PPP project by one more clinic. All these changes were taken into account as part of the adjustments,” commented Sergey Parsadanyan, Head of VIS Group’s Medical Division.

The construction readiness of Polyclinics #2, 7 and 27, which are the first to be commissioned, is 63-65%. Monolithic building frames, internal walls and partitions have been fully erected here, installation of windows has been completed, and heat has been supplied. Since January, finishing works and installation of ventilated facades began on the premises. At the construction sites of Polyclinics #16, 18 and 22, work is underway on the zero and main construction cycles, including the labor-intensive process of transferring utility systems and arranging pile fields for foundations.

“We visited the construction site of Polyclinic #13 as part of the public program of the United Russia party. For us, this is an important strategic facility,” said Elena Spasskikh. “We are monitoring the deadlines and the obligations that the government assumes. We are satisfied with the way the work is being carried out; a fairly large number of people live here, and there are not enough social facilities in our district.”

Today, popular Novosibirsk bloggers visited the site of Polyclinic #13, as well as Polyclinic #7 in the Oktyabrsky district. They assessed the scale of the facilities, walked along the spacious corridors and rooms that are already being finished, and had the chance to directly ask questions sent in by their followers.

The PPP project in Novosibirsk became the first in Russia to be implemented within the framework of the Federal Law on PPP N224-FZ. The engagement of an investor – VIS Group – allowed to simultaneously erect seven polyclinic buildings, which are designed to serve more than 320,000 people. All of them will appear in actively developing residential areas, as well as in locations where the premises of existing polyclinics are modified. Under the PPP agreement the new medical centers will be fully equipped with modern expert-class equipment, including CT, MRI, mammography systems, ultrasound and X-ray complexes. The project will make it possible to conduct diagnostic and preventive examinations for city residents within walking distance, and to create a regional clinical data center in the future.

VIS Group regularly publishes video chronicles of the construction on the company’s official social media pages. You can also view the latest video report on the Group’s official YouTube channel.

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