Head of Yakutia visits the construction site of the State Philharmonic and the Arctic Center for Epic Literature and the Arts in Yakutsk

On July 24, the Head of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Aisen Nikolaev visited a number of construction sites in Yakutsk. One of the largest was the integrated building of the State Philharmonic Society and the Arctic Center of Epic Literature and the Arts - is being built under public-private partnership principles (PPP) by the VIS Group.

Alexander Savchenko, technical director of OOO Seventeenth Concession Company (private partner, part of VIS Group), reported to the Head of the Republic on the construction progress. To date, the facility’s overall construction readiness is estimated at 25%, the monolithic frame of the building is 55% ready. All groundwork and foundation works have been completed. The work is being carried out in accordance with the agreed production schedule. The building’s thermal circuit is slated to be finished by the end of this year, which will allow to continue construction work at the facility in winter.
The integrated complex of the State Philharmonic and the Arctic Center for Epic Literature and the Arts is a 36.7-meter high building with a total area of almost 33,000 square meters. It is set to house a philharmonic society, 2 theaters, and a space for exhibitions and business events under one roof. The new cultural cluster will be outfitted with unique equipment: multi-level transformer platforms of the panoramic stage and the orchestra pit, turntables with lifting mechanisms will allow to create variations of stage relief. Lighting, multimedia and acoustic equipment for the first time in the country will allow to hold events of any level on one site.

Under the terms of the agreement signed with the government of the Republic, VIS Group ensures the organization of financing, design, construction and subsequent technical operation of the cultural cluster for seven years. The financial partner of the project is Gazprombank.

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