Overpass span installation begins over the Pirogovskoye highway of the Mytishchi high-speed chord under construction

VIS Group’s concession project for the construction of a high-speed highway in the Moscow region is being carried out in accordance with the schedule, more than 350 builders are engaged in the work. The installation of the overpass’s metal span has begun over the Pirogovskoye Highway near the village of Vysokovo. It spans 240 meters, with the total weight of the superstructure amounting to 997 tons. At the moment, metal structures weighing 220 tons have been installed on temporary supports.

In total, the project provides for the construction of 11 bridges and overpasses, as well as 6 transport interchanges along the entire span of the route. To date, construction work has been launched on 12.1 out of 16.1 kilometers of the future highway, which will run from the Tarasovka village in the Yaroslavskoye Highway area to the Vinogradovo village near the Dmitrovskoye Highway. Over 2 million cubic meters of soil have been laid in the main passage embankment; the total construction readiness of the subgrade is 55%.

Work is underway on the construction of the lower layers of the road base: after the construction of the subgrade and the underlying sand layer, the builders lay a special geotextile sheet and a layer of crushed stone-sand mixture. To date, over 21.5 thousand cubic meters of crushed stone have been laid. The resource base and industrial enterprises of the Moscow region are actively involved in providing the construction site with the required inert materials. Sand for the subgrade foundation is supplied by eight quarries located in the Shchelkovsky, Dmitrovsky and Sergiev Posad districts of the Moscow region.

The Mytishchi High-Speed Chord is a category 1 four-lane highway, which will pass at a distance of 4-8 kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road, acting as a backup and keeping local roads as alternatives. The new 16.1-km route will relieve the northeastern section of the Moscow Ring Road by 20% and improve transport accessibility for over 820,000 residents of the Moscow region.

VIS Group acts as a project concessionaire and investor. The project’s financial partner is Gazprombank. The share of private investment in the construction phase is about 80%. The Group implements the project throughout its entire life cycle: from the design and organization of financing to the construction and subsequent commercial operation of the highway until 2032.

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