Roadbed of the high-speed highway in the Moscow region will comply with modern world standards

The concession for the creation of the Vinogradovo-Boltino-Tarasovka highway in the Moscow Region is being implemented according to schedule. Work has begun on 10 of the 16 kilometers of the new chord road. To date, about 2 million m3 of soil have been laid in the road structure, amounting to 45% of the total volume.

Work continues on filling the pavement base layers. The packing of the sandy underlayer and lower layer of the foundation has already been completed in certain road sections that span a total of 4.3 km. The "layer cake" of the future motorway includes three layers of asphalt concrete and a three-tier foundation. All technologies used meet the most up-to-date standards for high-speed route construction. The top coat will comprise crushed-stone-mastic asphalt concrete, which will ensure the roadway’s water tightness and shear resistance.

Simultaneously with the work on the main course of the route, three interchanges are being built in the area of Afanasovsky and Pirogovsky highways and the Mebelnaya Fabrika village. The project provides for the creation of six interchanges that will provide access to the highway not only from three highways (Dmitrovsky, Ostashkovsky and Yaroslavsky), but also from the local villages of Belyaninovo, Boltino, the cottage village of Cherkizovo and the Mebelnaya Fabrika village.

The construction of new and reconstruction of existing engineering networks within the construction zone continues. 507 wells have been installed, 10 km of a storm sewer collector were laid, and 10 culverts were mounted. The new engineering networks being created thanks to the concession project will allow to significantly modernize the communal infrastructure of the adjacent territories.

The highway will run parallel to the north-eastern section of the Moscow Ring Road, relieving it by 20% and reducing travel time for the residents of Moscow’s satellite cities. The predicted traffic at different stages of operation is between 24,600 and 39,000 vehicles per day. VIS Group acts as a concessionaire and investor. Gazprombank is the financial partner. The share of extra-budgetary investments in the project is 80%. The road being created will improve transport accessibility for more than 850,000 residents of the Moscow region.

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