Stability of the pile foundation of the SMART polyclinic in Yakutsk to be ensured by an autonomous soil thermal stabilization system

The project for the creation of the largest polyclinic complex in Yakutia provides for the installation of a special seasonally operating cooling unit system. It will eliminate the thawing of permafrost soils, which is typical for many territories of the Far North.

A total of 533 units with a special refrigerating agent will be installed, ensuring the freezing of the soil at a depth of up to 12 meters. They work autonomously, do not require a connection to the mains and have a long service life - up to 50 years. The work on the creation of a thermal stabilization system is being carried out in parallel with the construction of the pile field; their completion is scheduled for April 2023.

This is a technology that’s often used in the permafrost zone, which allows you to create a protective frost screen and prevent the appearance of deformations of buildings and structures during seasonal thawing of soils.

Today, drilling and immersion of reinforced concrete piles are carried out at the construction site. To date, 164 piles have been loaded under the polyclinic building out of 458 provided. The total number of piles for the project, including the car parking lot and overpass, is 621 pcs. After that, the builders will proceed to install grillages and a power monolithic slab at the zero marker.

Project investment and construction of the facility are carried out by VIS Group under a public-private partnership agreement with the Government of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). Gazprombank acts as a financial partner. The project provides for the creation of a six-story building with an area of 8,900 m2. Adult and pediatric departments, as well as ob/gyn clinic will here. The total capacity of a modern medical center is up to 600 visits per shift.

As part of the PPP project, a large amount of construction and installation work, as well as the purchase, installation and commissioning of medical equipment will be carried out. The polyclinic will be equipped with modern expert-class equipment: magnetic resonance tomography, digital ultrasound diagnostic systems, X-ray, endoscopic, mammography and fluorography equipment. Over 42,000 residents of the Gagarinsky district of Yakutsk, as well as the Markha microdistrict and the village of Magan will be able to undergo diagnostics and receive medical care here. All services will be provided free of charge within the framework of the compulsory medical insurance system (CHI).

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