The Ministry of Emergency Situations assesses the emergency preparedness of Khabarovsk Bypass

Representatives of the Main Directorate of Russia’s Ministry of Emergency Situations for the Khabarovsk Territory visited Khabarovsk Bypass, the first expressway in the Russian Far East, to assess its safety and establish communication with the operating company.

Under the terms of the concession agreement with the Government of the Khabarovsk Territory, the VIS Group will operate the road until the end of 2031 through Transtall, a specially created company. This is the first road in the region with an estimated speed of 120 km per hour, thus security issues are one of the priorities.

Representatives of the emergency services drove along the entire new highway and discussed the transit of special equipment through checkpoints and toll plazas, inspected the facilities for fire water supply and water extraction by fire trucks onsite. In addition, they examined the organization of traffic flows and the designated areas for U-turn maneuvers, where fence sections can be quickly removed.

Particular attention was paid to the work of the Traffic Control Center. It will monitor traffic around the clock, promptly record incidents, traffic hindrances, and other cases that require a response from accident commissioners and emergency services. The operators of the automated traffic control system have a video surveillance system and information and software systems at their disposal that allow to respond to emergency situations according to certain algorithms. Particular attention was paid to the transmission of information to the integrated dispatching services, the "101" fire rescue service and the "112" service.

“We were able to clarify all the essential nuances directly on the spot, give recommendations, our proposals for organizing the work of fire and rescue services on this road. This toll bypass road facility is the only one of its kind in our region. Therefore, we need to finetune all mechanisms and algorithms of joint actions for a variety of scenarios in advance. An agreement was reached to hold the next drill to mitigate the possible road emergencies here, along this highway," the press service quotes Petr Silkin, head of the Department for Coordination of Activities of Fire Protection and Emergency Rescue Units of the RSChS of the Main Directorate of Russia’s Ministry of Emergency Services for the Khabarovsk Territory.

Traffic control along the Khabarovsk Bypass will be carried out by an intelligent automated system. It will allow not only to fully control the road situation and compliance with the speed limit, but also to promptly identify incidents, inform the operational response services (traffic police, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, ambulance) and drivers to prevent secondary accidents. The traffic control center will issue warnings on the deterioration of meteorological conditions and will inform the operating service about the ice formation locations for emergency response. For this, purpose 41 electronic information boards are installed along the entire road span.

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