The PPP mechanism saves 2.5 billion rubles from the state budget for the project of creating seven polyclinics in Novosibirsk

Novosibirsk continues to implement one of the largest public-private partnership (PPP) projects in Russia’s healthcare sector. In the capital of Siberia, VIS Group is building seven new polyclinics capable of serving over 320,000 city residents. On Friday, March 3, one of the clinic construction sites was visited by Yulia Shvets, head of the regional executive committee of the United Russia party’s Novosibirsk branch and Vladislav Lumin, deputy of the Council of Deputies of Novosibirsk, as well as representatives of the public and the media.

The guests were shown a new six-story building of Polyclinic #27 on Yerevan Street in the Zaeltsovsky district. Here, the monolithic frame is fully ready, the laying of internal walls and partitions is being completed, and wall tiling has begun. “Overall construction readiness is 64%” said Andrey Isaev, Deputy CEO for Construction of PF VIS LLC. All work is carried out on schedule. The structure and insulation of the ventilated façade are 46% assembled, interior finishing is underway. A total of more than 120 people are employed at the facility.

Together with journalists and social activists, the deputies examined the first floors of the building, where the builders have already started finishing work. A cable network is also being laid inside, power electrical equipment, ventilation and air conditioning systems are being installed.

Yulia Shvets noted the high construction readiness of the facility: “You don’t always come to different facilities and see 70% readiness with the understanding that by year-end it will be technically completed. When our party inspects various facilities under the United Russia people's program, we always invite residents who will be using these medical services. Here we are examining the history and accessibility of this facility, because it must create safe, comfortable and favorable conditions for people.”

The polyclinic with a total area of over 11,000 m2 will serve 28,000 residents of the Zaeltsovsky District and create jobs for almost 300 specialists. The project provides for both construction and complete outfitting of the polyclinic with expert-class equipment, including heavy equipment. These include CT and MRI, ultrasound, mammography, X-ray and fluorography devices, which are purchased and put into operation simultaneously with the facility.

“This is the major difference between a PPP project and conventional construction - otherwise, the region could only announce a tender for the supply of heavy equipment after the building was commissioned, postponing the admission of the first patients for several months or even years,” Andrey Isaev said.

In total, 6685 units of technological equipment are provided for here. Medical equipment has already been contracted, and it is being assembled by manufacturers.

“The advantage of PPP is already apparent, because this is not the first time that we are building such large facilities. In the past, we already built kindergartens and schools. Everything is done with satisfactory quality, and it is convenient for both the city and the state, because the budget is not always able to handle such large projects, however, such projects need to be implemented,” shared Vladislav Lyumin.

Yulia Shvets also shared her opinion on PPP: “It’s difficult for me to discuss the PPP mechanism, but I understand very well that the responsibility of private partners is clearly stated here and, as a rule, when a representative of the business community comes in, there is a history of demand and a better approach to work. With all the disadvantages and features of the PPP process, it provides positive results. At the same time, we must note that this is a process that is being used and has demonstrated its effectiveness, and we should use it here.”

VIS Group will not only build turnkey polyclinics, but will also service them until 2029. This warranty service is another advantage of the PPP mechanism when compared to government contracts, where the contractor's responsibility ends with the commissioning of the facility.

“The project to create a network of polyclinics in Novosibirsk has another significant advantage,” commented Sergey Parsadanyan, Head of VIS Group’s Medical Division. “According to the latest assessment of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Novosibirsk Region in November 2022, a PPP project is 13% more cost-effective than a government contract. This is a significant amount - in monetary terms, the savings are estimated at no less than 2.5 billion rubles of budgetary funds, which can be used to solve other socially important tasks in the region.”

Within the project framework, two more polyclinics are being built in the city’s Oktyabrsky, Kirovsky and Leninsky districts. The network’s total capacity will be up to 6,500 visits per day, with over 4,000 jobs created for medical professionals. The project investor is VIS Group, and the financial partner is Gazprombank.

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