The readiness of bridge superstructure in Novosibirsk exceeds 40%

The VIS Group’s construction division has completed the 8th stage of the launching of the bridge span over the Ob River in Novosibirsk. Its length increased by 45 running meters and now equals 330 running meters, which covers 42.5% of the total span over the Ob riverbed.

Today, the bridge construction crew has begun to enlarge the steel structures for the next launching stage. Another 48 running meters are slated to be assembled, with the weight of the mounted metal structures equaling 676 tons. Work is carried out around the clock in compliance with all the control points of the construction schedule.

The thrusting of the superstructure began in March 2021. There are 16 stages in total, which are carried out using the traditional longitudinal thrusting method using two hydraulic devices with a total capacity of 800 tons. The total length of the span is 776 meters, and its weight is 10,400.8 tons (including a 154-ton launching girder). It will become the foundation of the 1.5-km bridge roadbed. The total length of the new highway will exceed 5 kilometers.

The bridge and related transport infrastructure, including interchanges, overpasses, tunnels and utilities are being created under the concession. VIS Group is the project investor, and Gazprombank is the financial partner.

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