Traffic slated to open on the second exit of the right-bank traffic interchange in Novosibirsk is in December

The concession project for the construction of the fourth bridge in Novosibirsk is being executed according to schedule. The work at ten technological sites on both banks of the Ob River wasn’t halted even during the additional days off announced due to the deterioration of the epidemiological situation.

The VIS Group is preparing for the launch of traffic through the C-1 exit at the right-bank traffic intersection under construction. Monolithic construction of retaining walls and pedestrian tunnels has been completed, and two layers of asphalt concrete have already been laid. This exit is slated for launch in December 2021. Previously, vehicular traffic has begun through the C-2 exit.

The first stage of reconstruction of the Zyryanovsky overpass has been completed. The tram tracks are being set in position, public transport is already functioning. As part of the second stage, preassembly of the span metal beams and installation of monolithic support nozzles are underway.

At the moment, 11 of the 18 bridge supports are completely ready. The 11th out of 16 stages of span launching over the river bed is underway; in total, over 6,500 tons of metal structures have been preassembled and pushed over. Tunneling complexes are working on the sites of future tunnel underpasses across the Trans-Siberian Railway tracks along the main road course and Stanislavsky Street. Protective pipe screens are being set up; in total, 2632 and 1100 meters will be pushed through, respectively.

Work continues on the bridge pylon construction site. Two 5-meter monolithic grillages and a lower lintel at a height of 12 meters have been concreted. 14 bays on the right pylon post and 11 on the left have also been completed. Each bay increases the pylon height by 4 meters. The concreting cycle for each bay takes 9-11 days, depending on weather conditions. In total, it is necessary to lay 6974 m3 of concrete and mount the upper metal strut weighing over 214 tons for the complete construction of the pylon. The height of the erected pylon will be 114 meters.

Specialized teams and special equipment of the construction division of the VIS Group, including tower and truck cranes, excavators, rollers, hydraulic breakers, etc., are engaged on all sites. Work monitoring is conducted using UAVs that record the state of the facility, allowing to analyze the compliance of the actual work with design solutions. All of the above allows to flexibly respond to any changes in external circumstances, including the pandemic conditions.

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