VIS Group is reconstructing a section of Afanasovskoye Highway in Moscow

VIS Production Company, the parent company of VIS Group’s construction division, is the general contractor for the Afanasovskoye Highway reconstruction project. It is a section of the A-104 Moscow - Dmitrov - Dubna – Povedniki motorway, which is adjacent to the Mytishchi expressway, which is being built by the Group under one of the largest concession agreements in the Moscow region.

The 2.7 km section of the Afanasovskoye Highway will be expanded from 2 to 4 lanes, and in some segments - to 6 lanes. For pedestrians, public transport stops will be reconstructed, three elevated pedestrian crossings will be built and sidewalks will be improved.

At the moment, several construction teams are carrying out the transfer of engineering networks that fall into the reconstruction zone. Soil excavation and installation of cable duct trenches are being carried out; tightness tests of the cable sheath have been successfully completed. The reconstruction of electrical networks and communication networks in the area of Dmitrovskoye Highway is slated to begin in the near future.

The transfer of utilities is one of the most time-consuming stages of the project, which requires careful coordination of all utility services. Underground and surface utilities, including household and rainwater sewers, will be moved out of the construction site perimeter and reconnected according to a permanent scheme. The outdoor lighting will also be renovated throughout the reconstruction site.

Afanasovskoe highway starts from Dmitrovskoe highway and is located to the east of Moscow’s northern border. Its reconstruction will ensure a comfortable and safe exit of vehicles from the new Mytishchi high-speed chord. By increasing the number of lanes in each direction, the capacity of this section of the road will increase significantly.

The Mytishchi high-speed chord is the Vinogradovo-Boltino-Tarasovka motorway being constructed 4-8 km from the Moscow Ring Road. The project is being implemented in the concession format, investments of proprietary and borrowed funds are provided by VIS Group. The highway will redistribute traffic flows in the north-east of the Moscow region to Dmitrovskoye, Ostashkovskoye, Pirogovskoye and Yaroslavskoye highways and improve transport accessibility for more than a million residents of the Moscow region.

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