Work is resumed at the cultural cluster construction site in Yakutia after the winter technological break

After the winter technological break, work has resumed at the construction site of the State Philharmonic and the Arctic Center for Epic Literature and the Arts in Yakutsk, one of the largest cultural clusters in the Russian Far East. The necessary measures are being conducted to reopen the facility before the active construction season. The complex, unique in many respects, is being built under public-private partnership principles with the involvement of extrabudgetary funding. VIS Group is the investor and private partner of the project.

To date, a large amount of work has been completed, including zero-cycle work, installation of 1,500 piles, and pouring 11,800 m3 of concrete. The monolithic building frame is almost 50% ready, while the facility’s overall construction readiness is estimated at 20%. After positive temperatures set in, the builders began monitoring the structures after the first winter season. They are preparing the formwork, manufacturing the reinforced building frames, and conducting post-winter special equipment maintenance. The building’s thermal circuit is slated to be closed by the end of this year, which will allow to continue construction work at the facility next winter.

The facility is unique both in terms of the implemented architectural solutions and the climatic conditions under which it is being built. To date, there are no cultural centers in the world built in permafrost conditions. Yakutia is an Arctic region with typical climatic features: significant temperature fluctuations, permafrost soil mobility, increased seismic activity. Harsh natural conditions require compliance with certain construction and design requirements, and affect the seasonality of work and the delivery of materials. The future cultural cluster is located on the shore of Lake Saysary, which also affects the specifics of the work. As part of the project, the shoreline will be reinforced and a pedestrian embankment will be created.

The project provides for the construction of an integrated building of the State Philharmonic Society and the Arctic Center for Epic Literature and the Arts with a total area of almost 33,000 m2 and a height of 36.7 m. The unified complex will accommodate the Philharmonic, two national theaters, and a space for exhibitions and business events.

Under the terms of the agreement with the Government of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), the private partner will provide financing, design and construction until 2024, as well as the subsequent technical operation of the facility for 7 years. The financial partner of the project is Gazprombank. As a result of the implementation of the PPP project, for the first time in Yakutia, it will be possible to hold musical events of any level: from classical music concerts to international theater productions, show programs and conferences.

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