A network of public outpatient clinics, Novosibirsk

2019 to 2022

Public partner: Ministry of health of Novosibirsk Oblast

Private partner: VIS Group

This is the first public-private partnership project in Russia's health care sphere that's structured according to the Federal Law on PPP #224-FZ.  In 2018, OOO SCC (a company of the Group) submitted a private initiative to the Government of the Novosibirsk Oblast, and was selected as the project’s private partner. The ceremony of signing a public-private partnership agreement in regard to creating a network of public outpatient clinics took place on February, 2019 in Sochi. The event was conducted in the framework of the Russian Investment Forum, with participation by the Governor of the Novosibirsk Oblast Andrey Travnikov and Chairman of VIS Group’s Board of Directors Igor Snegurov.

The main goal of the project is to ensure the availability and quality standards of medical care throughout the region. Today, in many districts of Novosibirsk there is an increased load of clinics and lack of capacity to provide outpatient care due to the rapid growth of the population. According to experts, the existing polyclinics are overloaded twice, and in a number of microdistricts the deficit of polyclinic capacity reaches 240%.

Prior to the end of 2022, 7 modern medical institutions are slated to be constructed in Novosibirsk, with a total capacity of over 6,500 visits per shift. The project stipulates not only for the construction of buildings, but outfitting them with latest-generation equipment, including computer tomography, magnetic resonance tomography, mammology systems, ultrasound and X-ray equipment. Polyclinics will be built in the most actively developing residential areas of Novosibirsk, as well as where existing clinics are in disrepair. All projects have reserves to increase the capacity of reception, taking into account the growth of neighborhoods.

The new medical institution network will allow to implement new medical technologies, ensure accessibility of diagnostic and preventive examinations and to create a regional clinical data center in the future.