Bank protection and embankment improvement of the Pyakupur River, Tarko-Sale

1 stage 2012 to 2018

Client: YaNAD Management of Capital Construction and Investment 

General contractor: VIS Group

Construction of the project will allow to shape a safe and secure coastline and become one of leisure area for townspeople. The retaining wall being erected will protect the embankment from the constant caving and wave influence erosion.

  • Length of the embankment being landscaped is 1,400 meters,
  • Its area shall be about 7.3 hectares.

The project includes fencing, stair approaches to water side, pedestrian area, lighting, landscaping, hard landscaping. The pavement will be made of granite. There will be fountains, including a fountain with a deer statue, a lighthouse-like stele, "Raw-Hide Tent" monument, and a caf?.