The Volga River embankment, Yaroslavl


Client: Administration of Yaroslavl

Investor: Gazprom

General contractor: VIS Group 

General designer: VIS Group 

The project was implemented by the 1000th anniversary of the city foundation.

The project included a comprehensive land improvement of the Spit, the confluence of the Volga and the Kotorosl rivers:

  • The Central Promenade arrangement,
  • the Kotorosl River bank protection,
  • Granite paving of the lower tier of the Lower embankment from the Spit to the River Station and the pedestrian zone of the Volga embankment,
  • Granite lining of the staircase to the Assumption Cathedral, stairs and rest areas of the Lower embankment on the area from the Spit to the River Station.

In addition, the project included the fountain renovation and the adjustment of existing lighting and the arrangement of additional lighting of the Spit, including mood lighting of the sculptural group and the Central Promenade.

The project was implemented in a highly tight schedule and was highly appreciated by the region administration. Mr. Dmitry Medvedev attended the gala opening of the embankment.