"Sadko" Social-Rehabilitation Center, Novy Urengoy

2011 - 2015

Client: YaNAD Management of Capital Construction and Investment 

General contractor: VIS Group

VIS Group is the general contractor for the construction of Sadko Social-Rehabilitation Center in Novy Urengoy.

This unique center is designated for the provision of social, psychological and other help to children, and their parents or legal representatives. Social rehabilitation experts shall assist those young people in recovering their social status of minor and returning to their families. 

The building of the center includes all the things which are necessary for rendering comprehensive help to those who need it: medical care rooms, psychological help and social rehabilitation rooms, reception, as well as administrative and maintenance rooms with catering facilities and laundry.

There is also a gym, events hall, library with a reading hall and book depository, swimming pool, sewing and shoes repair workshops in the Center. Here children will be taught dancing and music, sewing, carpentry and the basics of modern information technologies. The complex also includes two residential units — for girls and for boys, as well as rooms for disabled children. There are public rooms and bedrooms, as well as cloak room and canteen in each unit.