Surgut District Clinical Center for Maternity and Childhood Health

2015 to 2021

Client: "VIS Infrastructure", LLC 

General contractor: "VIS Infrastructure", LLC 

In December 2014, the VIS Group (represented by its subsidiary OOO VIS Infrastructure) and the Health Department of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District - Ugra signed a public-private partnership agreement for the design, construction, equipment and technical operation of a clinical perinatal center in Surgut.
The new high-tech center will provide comprehensive services in the sphere of childbirth support, advanced treatment and prevention of intrauterine diseases, and neonatal surgery. Unlike at a conventional maternity hospital, the specialists here will be able to diagnose and treat complex diseases in mothers and babies using robotics and cutting-edge medical equipment.
The 78,000-sq. m. district center is designed for 10,000 childbirths per year and is able to simultaneously receive over 300 women in childbirth. Three main blocks are designed for 165 visits per day. The hospital has several maternity wards, an operating unit for 15 simultaneous surgeries, and intensive care units for mothers and children. The high-tech ergonomic complex is equipped with 6,000 units of unique modern medical equipment manufactured in Russia and abroad. Over 2,000 specialists will be able to work in the new hospital.
This is the only facility of its kind in the regions of the Russian Far North, and one of the largest perinatal centers in Russia. It was built according to an individual design project and takes real requests of the medical staff into account. The center will be able to receive patients not only from the KHMAD - Ugra, but also from nearby regions.
The public-private partnership agreement provides for the technical operation of the perinatal center until 2024.