Surgut District Clinical Center for Maternity and Childhood Protection

2015 to 2021

Client: "VIS Infrastructure", LLC 

General contractor: "VIS Infrastructure", LLC 

In December 2014, VIS Group (represented by its subsidiary VIS Infrastructure) and the Department of Health of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District – Yugra signed the Agreement on the design, construction, equipping and maintenance of Surgut clinical perinatal center.

New high-tech center will provide comprehensive services in the field of child-bearing support, advanced treatment and prevention of fetal disorders, neonatal surgery. In contrast to the usual maternity hospital here are to be diagnosed and treated mothers & babies’ complex diseases with the use of robotics and the most modern medical equipment from Europe and the USA. 

According to the project, the building of three blocks is designed for 10,000 births per year. The institution would take more than 300 pregnant women at the same time. The hospital complex has several maternity wards, an operating unit for 15 simultaneous operations, intensive care of mother and child department. There also to be a consultative and diagnostic center. Breast cancer center, equipped MRI and CT offices, as well as the department of reproductive technologies with IVF laboratory, which was a long awaited expansion of the Surgut physicians, are to be organized. In addition, there will be jobs for ophthalmologists, dentists, endocrinologists, urologists and many others. 

Expectant mothers will get all the necessary assistance in terms of preparation for childbirth: school of parents, physical therapy room, reflexology and ozone therapy offices, underwater massage room, altitude chamber. 

The Department of gynecology is to operate based on the Center. Especially for students' practice there will be in-training center with a maternity room, operating theaters, intensive care unit. Equipment classrooms, computer labs, conference rooms for 120 people, library and archives are also designed.

Timing of construction of such an important social facility for the region is about 3 years. Its total area is over 70 thousand sq. m. It is assumed that at the time of commissioning in 2018, this center will be the largest in Russia. 

Agreement on public-private partnership provides for operation of the perinatal center for 7 years after commissioning.