Waste sorting complexes, Novosibirsk oblast

Client: Government of the Novosibirsk oblast 

General contractor: "Ecology-Novosibirsk", LLC

In September 2017 VIS Group has acquired 75% of "Ecology-Novosibirsk", LLC. The company acts as a concessionaire for the construction project in the Novosibirsk oblast waste sorting facilities and all associated infrastructure. 

The respective concession agreement was signed in July of 2016 between "Ecology-Novosibirsk", LLC and the Government of the region. The project includes two sorting plant for household waste with the capacity of 400 thousand tons each, two landfill capacity 297,2 thousand tons and all necessary infrastructure. The agreement is concluded for a period of 40 years.

The construction of the facilities is scheduled to perform at the expense of the concessionaire's investments will amount to 6.5 billion rubles. Both plants will become the property of the region immediately after construction, their operation and for the duration of the agreement (until July 2056) to be provided by the concessionaire.