Ryazan SDPP 310 MW unit, Novomichurinsk

2008 to 2010

Client: OGK-6

General contractor: VIS Group

At power unit No.7 310 MW steam power unit was superstructed by a gas turbine with capacity of 110 MW produced by JSC “NPO “Saturn”. Next to the main building of the unit, an extension is erected to house a gas turbine plant, a steam boiler for operation as part of CCGT-420 was modernized, a booster compressor station was constructed.

Modern steamgas technology applied in implementing the project allowed to significantly improve technical-and-economic index of the 7th unit. Installed capacity increased up to 420 MW, the unit's electricity production rose from 1,762 to 2,310 million kWh. At the same time equivalent fuel rate of consumption decreased by 15%, and the coefficient of efficiency boosted from 39 to 44%.