Registry office, Novy Urengoy

2011 to 2013

Client: YaNAD Management of Capital Construction and Investment 

General contractor: VIS Group

The Registry office, known as the "House of Life", is a high-tech three-storey building with a total area of over 4,000 square meters. There are located two rooms for marriage registration, equipped with the original broadcast system of a wedding reception, the bride and groom rooms, as well as the entire archive of the city. Panoramic elevator installed in the building allows evaluating all the splendor of the plan of architects and designers.

The project applied the original building materials such as flooring from the Italian master Bartley. The walls inside the building are decorated with tapestries. At the entrance to the Registry office a wrought carriage is installed in which the bride and groom can be photographed for memory.

The "House of Life" meets all the latest safety and comfort requirements. The building is equipped with an automatic control system controlling the operation of all communications, which, in return, reduces resources consumption.

The first Registry office, the appearance of which residents were waiting for 37 years since the settlement of the city, has become one of the sights of the city.