"Regional Concession Company" LLC

RCC is a part of the VIS Group transport concession management subholding.

The company is the concessioner in the major transport project in the Russian Far East – the construction of the Khabarovsk Bypass motorway. The concession agreement on the construction and maintenance of the toll motor road was signed by the Government of the Khabarovsk Krai and RCC in December 2016. The agreement was concluded for a term of 15 years, 4 years of which are allotted for construction. The total cost of the project is over 40 billion rubles, 25% of this amount are private investor funds. Approximately 26 billion rubles will come from the subsidy, including the amount allotted by the Federal Road Agency of Russia from the funds collected by the Platon system.


RCC manages projects over the course of their entire lifecycles:
Project structuring;
■ Fundraising;
■ Design and construction;
■ Specialized and technical maintenance

Legal and postal address:  
41 Vostochnoye Shosse, floor 9, office 4, Khabarovsk 680014, Khabarovskiy Krai


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