“VIS Automation” LLC

OOO VIS Automation (a limited liability company), is a part of the VIS Group construction subholding and is a standalone enterprise for the design, supply, installation, commissioning, engineering and maintenance of automated enterprise process control systems. The company also accepts orders for associated equipment for working with electric networks and related electrical equipment.

Today the company employs highly qualified specialists with many years of experience to create integrated monitoring and control systems: designers, programmers, designers, technologists, and adjusters.


Spheres of operation:
■ Design of automated process control systems, and relay protection and automation devices;
■ System integration of software and hardware from various manufacturers;
■ Electrical works;
■ Equipment warranty service.

Legal and mailing address:

1/1 V. Kozhina Street, Moscow, Russia, 121096 

Tel.: +7 499 128-09-10, +7 (495) 789-85-55

Fax: +7 (495) 789-85-56

E-mail: info@vis-autom