“VIS Stroitelnye Mashiny” LLC

ST.jpg“Stroytechnika” Limited Liability Company
Address: Business center Park Pobedy, 1/1, Vasilisy Kozhinoy Street, Moscow, 121096
E-mail: st@pfvis.ru
“Stroytechnika” Limited Liability Company was founded in 2008. The main fields of activities  management, coordination and maintenance of the construction equipment park of “VIS” Construction Group. Acts as a subcontractor in the construction and reconstruction of large industrial and energy industries, transport systems, socio-cultural and commercial facilities. 
The company has a Certificate of Quality Management System compliance with requirements of GOST R ISO 9001-2008 (ISO 9001-2001) in relation to the execution of design, construction, installation and commissioning, as well as the Certificate of admission to work in organizing the preparation of project documentation, construction and installation work, affecting the safety of the construction.
Employee base of more than 50 highly qualified engineers and technicians and more than 300 construction workers.
Works of the zero cycle:
  • Geodetic survey,
  • Organization of temporary access roads,
  • Excavation work on digging ditches,
  • Installation of temporary utilities.
Concrete  works:
  • Construction of foundations,
  • Installation of columns, frames, crossbars, beams, slabs, wall panels,
  • Installation of roofing walling, door and window systems.
Installation of internal and external engineering systems:
  • Installation of external networks of water supply, sewerage and heating,
  • Protection of building structures, pipelines and equipment (other than the main and field pipelines).
Construction and installation work:
  • Internal civil works,
  • Installation of metal structures,
  • Installation of precast concrete products,
  • Facade work,
  • Roofing work (hard and soft roof of any complexity).
Electric installation work.
Logistical resources
The company has its own fleet of road-building, digging and lifting equipment of foreign and domestic manufacturers.
  • Motor transport: trucks, cranes, tractors. 
  • Road construction machinery: loaders, excavators, bulldozers.
Park of the leased equipment has more than 50 units.
Business Geography
The company actively fulfills building and contracting activities in the Rostov Region, Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District, Sochi and Leningrad region. “Stroytechnika”, LLC takes part in the implementation of major projects of “VIS” Construction Group:
  • Construction of unit No. 9 330 MW of the “OGK-6” branch, “Novocherkassk Power Station (Novocherkassk SDPP)”:
  • Construction of  the Novy Urengoy gas chemical complex:
Key financial and economic indicators
In 2012, revenue of "Stroytechnika”, LLC was 242,773 million rubles, EBITDA  21,466 million rubles. 
Completed projects
In the framework of upgrading the condensation part of the Kirishi Power Station based on combined-cycle power plant technology, the company performed construction work, provided services of technology, shipping, and other services provided by the project.
Types of works / services provided under the current project
  • Construction of unit No. 9 330 MW  of the “OGK-6” branch, “Novocherkassk Power Station (Novocherkassk SDPP)”: construction works, leasing of construction equipment, the provision of technology services, services for the provision of places for workers  housing (temporary apartment complex — dormitories), maintenance, road maintenance, etc.  
  • Construction of  the Novy Urengoy gas chemical complex: installation of utilities (storm sewer) administrative and social areas of NUGCC  and its landscaping, the provision of technology services, leasing of construction equipment, services for the provision of places for workers housing (temporary apartment complex  dormitories), maintenance, road maintenance, etc.   
A new direction for the company was the maintenance of buildings and structures. The priorities in this activity are the quality and timeliness of the maintenance work, as it directly affects both the cost of in-service project as a whole, and the life of the building systems.
Since 2011, “Stroytechnika”, LLC is working on the year-round maintenance and repair of internal roads and mechanical clearance of the rotational village in the Novy Urengoy gas chemical complex.
Since July 2012, the works for the maintenance of buildings and structures are carried out by the operating company.

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