VIS Group is preparing the first 3 out of 7 PPP clinics in Novosibirsk for commissioning

Most of the engineering and technical staff and workers today are concentrated on the sites of the first three facilities, which are scheduled to be put into operation this year. These are Polyclinics #2, #7 and #27 in the Oktyabrsky and Zaeltsovsky districts of Novosibirsk. Here, the builders are completing final interior finishing works, the installation of a ventilated facade, and the laying of internal and external engineering networks.

Electrical work, installation of lamps, heating radiators and plumbing equipment is being conducted in Polyclinic #7 on Proletarskaya street. Finishing of premises, which precedes the installation of heavy medical equipment continues. Painting of the walls over glass fiber - a 100% environmentally friendly material that is resistant to moisture and is particularly elastic and durable – is 95% completed. In Polyclinic #2, over 90% of the walls are already covered with ceramic tiles; simultaneously, the installation of ventilation equipment, doors and suspended ceilings, as well as the installation of stairway railings, are actively continuing. In Polyclinic #27, the laying of electrical power equipment networks is being completed, an internal ventilation and air conditioning system has been installed by 70%, and floor and wall tiles have been completed by over 35%. Work is underway to rebuild the heating network.

In total, the public-private partnership (PPP) project implemented by VIS Group provides for the construction of 7 city polyclinics in the fastest growing areas of the Siberian capital. Three of them will be put into operation this year, the rest - in 2024.

VIS Group maintains a high pace of construction: at the site of Polyclinic #13 on Krasnodarskaya street, the builders have already reached the final, fifth-floor level. The installation of monolithic reinforced concrete floors and columns, elevator shafts, walls and partitions is underway. On Stepnaya street, at the site of Polyclinic No. 18, construction has moved from the foundation to the first-floor monolithic reinforced concrete columns, and floor slabs and walls of the basement floor. The installation of the foundation slab of Polyclinic No. 22 on Victorа Usa street is 99% completed, monolithic floor slabs are erected to a height of 4 meters from the ground. Work continues on the removal of engineering networks and the installation of a pile field at the site of Polyclinic #16 on Raysoveta Square. This is one of the most time-consuming stages of construction. Currently, the relocation of heat supply networks from the land plot is underway.

A total of over 700 people and 23 units of special equipment, including tower and truck cranes, concrete mixer trucks and excavators, are engaged at seven construction sites. This is one of the largest PPP projects in Russia that entails the creation of primary health care facilities. At the same time, such an impressive number of new polyclinics is only being built in Novosibirsk and Moscow. The project is highly relevant due to the rapid pace of development of the megapolis’s new residential areas, population growth and the high wear and tear of the clinics’ current premises.

Patients will be able to receive all services in new medical institutions free of charge under the compulsory medical insurance program (CMI). Many of these services, such as MRI and CT, will become available within walking distance of patients’ residences for the first time. Each of the seven polyclinics will be equipped with diagnostic devices. Ultrasound, x-ray, fluorography and mammography systems will also be installed in the new medical centers. The implementation of this project  will result in the city’s acquisition of polyclinics equipped on a turnkey basis and ready to receive patients, as stipulated by the terms of the public-private partnership agreement.

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