A new-generation MRI machine was delivered to the PPP clinic in Novosibirsk

VIS Group, the investor and private partner in the project to create 7 clinics in Novosibirsk, has completed the outfitting of Clinic No. 2 on Tatyana Snezhina Street with heavy medical equipment. A new-generation magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner manufactured by General Electric (GE) was delivered to the site from France. The delay in its delivery was due to sanctions restrictions in the manufacturing country, but VIS Group managed to resolve all issues and ensure that the medical facility was equipped in accordance with the project specifications.

Transportation of an MRI machine is a complex technological process that took place in several stages with the participation of GE specialists. First, the device was delivered to Moscow for refueling with liquid helium, after which it was sent to Novosibirsk. The walls of the MRI room were previously equipped with a “Faraday cage” that protects from extraneous electromagnetic radiation, and special climate equipment was installed. To date, in addition to MRI, a computed tomograph (CT), a mammography unit, 2 digital X-ray systems and a fluorograph have been installed on the site. The readiness of all premises for the installation of heavy equipment is 100%, commissioning work is underway, and comprehensive testing of engineering systems has been carried out.

The general construction readiness of the clinic was assessed today by deputies of the Novosibirsk Council of Deputies. VIS Group’s project manager Sergei Shokhin spoke about the completion of construction and installation work and the preparation of the facility for the final inspection by the inspection of the state construction supervision: “The facade work has been fully completed, the installation of on-site utilities and the landscaping of the adjacent territory is 95% done. Finishing work and internal engineering networks are in their final stages, approval of the premises is underway.”

“This is a long-awaited project, especially for local residents. I myself, as a resident of the Oktyabrsky district, cannot help but celebrate the appearance of such facilities,” shared the secretary of the local branch of United Russia, city council deputy Igor Titarenko. “All conditions have been created here for the patients to undergo a full medical examination cycle; there is MRI, CT, and other equipment for radiation diagnostics. Workplaces for medical staff are also equipped with the latest technology.”

The public-private partnership (PPP) project to create a network of city clinics in Novosibirsk is one of the largest in the Russian healthcare sector. Unlike a government contract, in PPP projects the private partner invests in the creation of facilities and is responsible not only for their construction, but also for their complete outfitting with modern equipment. Thanks to VIS Group’s project, it will be possible for the first time to undergo free diagnostics using machines such as MRI and CT in many Novosibirsk districts. Under the terms of the PPP agreement, the Group will be responsible for the technical operation of buildings and all supplied equipment until 2029, relieving clinic staff from the need to spend time and resources maintaining the functionality of installed systems.

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