Another 57 meters of the span structure of the bridge over the Ob River is pushed towards the river

The fifth stage of the sliding of the span structure has been completed at the construction site of the bridge over the Ob River in Novosibirsk. VIS Group construction division specialists have moved 5 meters of the 820-ton metal structure mounted on the shore.
In total, since the start of the sliding, which started in March 2021, 216 running meters have been thrust towards the river bed, 3,500 tons of metal structures have been assembled, including the launching girder. The total bridge length will equal 776 meters, its weight is 10,400 tons (including the 154-ton launching girder). It will become the foundation of the bridge roadbed, which will be 1.56 km long.
At present, the sixth stage of assembly of steel structures has begun; after its completion, the length of the thrust-over part of the span structure will increase by another 47 meters. VIS Manufacturing Company is simultaneously working on 8 sites on both banks around the clock. About 1100 people are and over 150 pieces of equipment are engaged in the process.

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