Commissioning readiness of the PPP clinic No. 7 in Novosibirsk assessed by City Council deputies

VIS Group completed construction work and landscaping at Polyclinic #7 on Proletarsky street, commissioning of all engineering systems was carried out in full. The first facility built under the public-private partnership (PPP) agreement was visited today by members of the Novosibirsk Council of Deputies.

“The final inspection was carried out by the State Construction Supervision Inspectorate. The installation of heavy equipment has been completed, 5 units have been installed in the radiology department: a mammograph, a CT scanner, two X-ray digital complexes and a fluorograph. The MRI machine will arrive at the facility in October due to additional difficulties associated with sanctions,” said Sergey Shokhin, project manager at VIS Group.

The deputies, together with the chief physician of the polyclinic and journalists, examined the installed equipment, the specialists’ offices in the children’s and adult departments, and discussed the creation of access roads to the new medical facility. It is not the first time that the Chairman of the Permanent Commission of the City Council on Social Policy and Education, Igor Titarenko, has come to the site and was able to assess the results of the work: “We are in continuous contact with both local residents and builders. Everyone feels the joy of completing the construction of this crucial facility, it is worth a lot. Today we see the results of the people's party program of United Russia and the support of the governor - the Klyuch-Kamyshensky plateau is developing, not only clinics are being built, but kindergartens and schools, roads and access ways to medical and educational institutions.

The deputy also said that in the near future the Department of Transport of the mayor's office plans to create a reversal ring at the clinic entrance, which will facilitate the access of buses and fixed-route taxis. He expressed confidence that there would be no problems with organizing access routes to the new facility.

“This clinic is unique in every way. I believe that this is the first project in Novosibirsk that fully complies with modern requirements not only from a sanitary point of view, but also from a patients’ convenience point of view. We have a comfortable waiting area here, very beautifully designed premises,” Olga Batishcheva, the head physician of the polyclinic, shared. “The peculiarity of this project is that the construction workers did not merely build the facility, but are also responsible for outfitting it with equipment. We are looking forward to starting work with CT, MRI, mammography and other devices. At the clinic level, this is, of course, a breakthrough.”

Polyclinic # 7 is designed for almost a thousand visits per shift and will be able to serve 50,000 residents of the Oktyabrsky district. The total area of the four-story building is about 12,000 m2. In addition to the adult and children’s departments, the polyclinic will have a trauma center and a women’s clinic, a rehabilitation treatment department and a day hospital. In total, more than 700 rooms are ready to receive patients in the building, which are equipped with 650 units of basic medical equipment. The total number of technological equipment in the clinic exceeds 9300 units. After putting the facility into operation and obtaining a license, new jobs will appear here for more than 740 specialists.

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