Deputy Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Vladimir Osintsev praised the progress in construction of the cultural cluster being built by VIS Group in Yakutsk

A delegation from the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, led by Deputy Minister Vladimir Osintsev, visited several social infrastructure facilities under construction in Yakutsk. The largest of them is the integrated building of the State Philharmonic and the Arctic Center for Epic and the Arts, erected by VIS Group as part of a public-private partnership (PPP) project.

Construction of a new 33,000-m2 cultural cluster is conducted on the shore of Lake Saysary in the Avtodorozhny District of Yakutsk. As VIS Group’s project director Vladimir Nakhankov said, the construction is fast-paced, with work being carried out around the clock, 250 people and 14 units of special equipment are engaged. The construction of the building’s monolithic frame is underway, and the first section of the Philharmonic block’s roof has been concreted. In total, 21,000 m3 of concrete have been poured to date. Engineering preparations are being carried out for winter concreting and the installation of closed warm circuits. At the site, the installation of aluminum facade structures for attaching stained glass windows has already begun. They will be installed along the entire perimeter of the building, with the total glazing area reaching almost 7,500 m2.

Vladimir Osintsev highly appreciated the progress of construction work, emphasizing that the issue of room acoustics needs to be examined in detail when building institutions of this type, since they will serve professional musicians.

In addition to the Philharmonic, the new cultural cluster will house two national theaters, exhibition and ritual halls, a library and public spaces. The total capacity of the auditoriums will be 1,530 people. As part of the PPP project, VIS Group will also conduct landscaping on the adjacent 15,000-m2 premises. The shoreline will be reinforced here, a pedestrian embankment and a 177-space parking lot will be created.

As a result of the project, a new international-level cultural center will appear in Yakutsk, providing impetus to the development of philharmonic and theatrical arts in the Russian Far East. VIS Group acts as the project’s investor and private partner, being responsible for its full life cycle: from financing and construction to outfitting with the required equipment and subsequent technical operation until 2030.

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