Governor of the Moscow Region Andrey Vorobyov held a meeting on road projects at the Mytishchi Expressway construction site

The construction of the Mytishchi Expressway is a concession project of the Government of the Moscow Region and VIS Group and one of the main regional road construction projects, which is due to be completed in 2024. Before the meeting at VIS Group’s construction site, Andrei Vorobyov drove a car along an already constructed section of the road.

“The Mytishchi Expressway is a concession road that we will launch into operation at the end of the year. 16 kilometers will connect Yaroslavskoye and Dmitrovskoye highways. In fact, this will become a backup for the very busy Ostashkovskoye Highway. I know that the residents are really looking forward to it,” said Andrei Vorobyov. “This will be a barrier-free road, and its total cost from Yaroslavka to Dmitrovka will be about 160 rubles. We understand how important it is to complete this road on time, so we are keeping everything under control.”

Work is underway on 14.3 of the 16.1 km of the route. VIS Group currently employs about 700 people and 147 units of technical equipment. During the main construction season, the number of personnel will increase to 1,200 people. To date, the top road surface layer has been laid over 8.5 km, which is more than 60% of the length of the main route. The readiness of the structural road layers at another 10.2 km has also reached a high level; the bottom layer of pavement has been laid here. Noise barriers are being installed on a 10.3 km section, which constitutes about 40% of the route span. The overall construction readiness of the road is 75%.

Delays occurred in those sections of the main route where high-voltage power lines pass. Without their transfer, builders cannot begin work. Andrey Vorobyov knows about this problem and asked how it is being solved.

“We hope that our colleagues from the resource supply organizations Rosseti and FGC will rearrange these communications on time, which will allow us to complete the construction of the facility in 2024 without delays,” commented Igor Firsov, First Deputy CEO of VIS Group’s construction division.

In winter, the main work is being carried out on artificial structures: overpasses across the Afanasovskoye and Ostashkovskoye highways and the railway around the Cherkizovo holiday village. Work is also underway to install storm drainage and treatment facilities, and lay communications.

“Today, all the overpasses that are part of the transport interchanges provided for by the project are in operation, and 8 of them have a high degree of readiness - about 95%. Interchange No. 3 with the exit to the Furniture Factory village is at the highest stage of readiness. The construction of the bridge over the Chanka River, 63 m long, has been completed here. The readiness of the 196.8-meter overpass over exit No. 2 is 99%,” Alexander Maksakov, VIS Group’s project director, told the Governor.

The forecasted road traffic is up to 39,000 cars per day. There are 6 transport interchanges, 11 bridges and overpasses along the main route, with a total span of about 2400 m. The new highway is designed to reduce the congestion of the Yaroslavskoye, Dmitrovskoye and Ostashkovskoye highways by a third, and the northern section of the Moscow Ring Road by 20%. The chord will significantly improve transport accessibility for over 850,000 residents of the Moscow region.

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