In 2022, VIS Group overcame the negative consequences of the pandemic and continued all work on any infrastructure project without interruptions

projects are in the design stage, design solutions are being optimized with regard to the current economic situation, and logistics chains are being worked out. In Yakutia, most of the work has been completed as part of the preparatory stage for organizing a construction site on both banks of the river: power lines spanning over 5.5 kilometers have been rebuilt, 59 power transmission towers have been installed, and engineering networks have been repositioned. In December 2023, the Federation Council and personally Valentina Matvienko supported the allocation of federal co-financing to the project in Yakutia. This is noted in a special resolution of the upper house of the Federal Assembly on the republic’s socio-economic development. After receiving a positive conclusion from the state expertise in 2023, the Lensky Bridge project will move to the main construction stage.

In 2022, VIS Group maintained its leading position among companies implementing public-private partnership projects in the social sector. All the facilities under construction allow to significantly improve people’s standard of living and to form higher demands of the population for the level of services provided. In May 2022, VIS Group’s portfolio was augmented by a project for the modernization of a sewage treatment facility complex in the Moscow Region. It is a part of the National Ecology Project and the Federal Project "Improvement of the Volga." The main goal is to improve the ecological state of the longest river in Europe by reducing the volume of polluted wastewater discharges by 3 times.

In July 2022, the construction of a SMART polyclinic in Yakutsk was launched. The new medical complex with an area of 8,900 m2 will serve over 42,000 residents of several Yakutsk districts. The polyclinic’s total capacity is over 600 visits per shift. The construction of a unique cultural cluster - the State Philharmonic Society and the Arctic Center - continues in the Far North conditions in Yakutsk. An integrated complex with an area of almost 33,000 m2 is being built on the shores of Lake Saysary, slated to house a philharmonic society, 2 theaters, and an exhibition and business event space under one roof. By the end of the year, the facility’s overall construction readiness exceeded 30%.

VIS Group maintains its leading position in the Russian concession and PPP project market and is consistently implementing a strategy to diversify its business by industry and geographical footprint. The holding's projects account for 64% of the total share of PPP agreements in Russia and 16% among the largest concessions. The total contract portfolio is currently estimated at 580 billion rubles. and formed until 2047. The holding continues to work in 6 time zones, 5 federal districts and 17 regions of Russia. Today, work is being carried out simultaneously on more than 10 construction sites.

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