Traffic along the Khabarovsk Bypass exceeds 4 million vehicles
The Khabarovsk Bypass highway is switching to summer operation. The track successfully endured the winter season, without a single serious disruption in vehicle traffic.
VIS Group resumes monolithic work on the construction of the Arctic Center in Yakutsk
After the winter season, the work that could not be carried out at temperatures far below the freezing point, including monolithic structure concreting, were resumed.
Three of the six transport interchanges of the Mytishchi Expressway are 85% ready
The road will pass at a distance of 4-8 km from the Moscow Ring Road and will connect Yaroslavskoye, Ostashkovskoye and Dmitrovskoye highways.
One of the two tunnel overpasses of the bridge crossing under construction in Novosibirsk is 83% ready
The project provides for two road junctions to interface with the existing road network, several kilometers of overpasses and two tunnel-type overpasses.
VIS Group ensures technical operation of twelve PPP facilities in Yakutsk
VIS Group is servicing 5 kindergartens, 4 schools, a children’s art school, a contemporary art center and a SMART library.
VIS Group to build a Museum and Historical Complex in Chita in a concession format
The concession agreement was concluded for a period of 10 years, of which 3 years are allocated for the design and construction of the facility.
VIS Group begins roadbed reconstruction at Afanasovskoe Highway exits in Moscow
All work is carried out without vehicle traffic restrictions.
Head of Yakutia Aisen Nikolaev assesses the progress of construction of one of the largest cultural clusters in the Russian Far East
The State Philharmonic and the Arctic Center is being built by VIS Group under a public-private partnership agreement with the Government of the Republic.