MARCHI students present their architectural concepts using VIS Group’s grant support

Students of the Moscow Architectural Institute (MARCHI) have successfully completed the development of design projects for VIS Group’s ambitious projects in different Russian regions. The work was carried out with grant support from the holding company under an agreement with the National Academy of Urbanism.

Project development took place over several months, over which time students actively interacted with VIS Group’s specialists to take into account the technical and functional requirements for the facilities. The holding's projects are developed in regions with various climatic conditions - from the south to the Far North, requiring careful study and analysis of all design solutions. Moscow Architectural Institute’s students from different years of study had the opportunity to apply their knowledge and practical skills to create design projects for real facilities.

As a result of the joint work, full-fledged architectural concepts were presented, including situational and master facility plans, 3D visualizations of building exteriors and interiors, and functional layouts. These materials will form the basis for the design of holding’s ambitious facilities in the social sphere - from sports complexes to cultural and educational centers.

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