One of the two tunnel overpasses of the bridge crossing under construction in Novosibirsk is 83% ready

VIS Group’s concession for the construction of a bridge across the Ob River in Novosibirsk includes over a dozen large-scale road infrastructure facilities in addition to the bridge itself. The project provides for two road junctions to interface with the existing road network, several kilometers of overpasses and two tunnel-type overpasses. This entire infrastructure, created under the bridge concession, will ensure end-to-end traffic-free passage from one bank to the other and eliminate the intersection of traffic flows.

The tunnel overpass, located under the Trans-Siberian railway lines on the left bank, is currently 83% complete. This is an almost 100-meter, 5-meter-high tunnel with six-lane traffic. Both the open and closed parts of the tunnel have been installed here, backfilling with sandy soil has been completed, and work is underway on the construction of monolithic parapets. 90% of the pavement has been laid, lighting poles have been installed, and a parapet fence is being installed at the tunnel entrance.

The second tunnel is part of the left bank traffic interchange in the alignment of Stanislavsky Street. A large amount of work has been completed here over the past month. The crushed stone and concrete preparation of several sections has been completed, geotextiles and waterproofing are being laid, and the ramp part of the tunnel is being reinforced.

The complex scheme laid down by the designers for connecting numerous streets on the left bank of the Ob River with the new highway necessitated the construction of a large transport interchange, one of the biggest and most complex in Russia. 7 overpasses and 25 exits are being built to allow car flows from almost a dozen adjacent streets to pass both under and above the ground. The roadway to be laid on all interchange elements will span more than 9 km in total.

Currently, VIS Group employs 372 people and 48 units of special equipment in the construction of bridge concession facilities. On the eve of flood water passage, the temporary support structures of the cable-stayed section were dismantled and a technological island was developed on the right bank. Rocky soil has also been dredged and developed here, facilitating the passage of water. Currently, the flood situation in the region does not affect construction work.

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