Partial unblocking of the funds by the concession grantor will allow to expand the scope of work on bridge construction in Novosibirsk

The grantor and concessionaire of the project for the construction of a bridge across the Ob River in Novosibirsk concluded an additional agreement to the concession agreement, which will allow the release of over 460 million rubles from the funds allocated by the Government of the Russian Federation as part of compensation for the capital costs increase. Currently over 3 billion rubles out of the total amount of compensation for the price increase remain unavailable for use due to the grantor’s requirement to confirm all changes made to the project documentation with the state examination. This work is carried out consistently, but it will require a long time to complete.

The unlocked funds will be used to pay for work already completed by the concessionaire and documented in the amount of almost 462 million rubles. Approval for the use of these funds was recently received from the Federal Antimonopoly Service.

Partial resumption of funding for work will make it possible to formulate production plans for the near future and expand the scope of work. During the summer construction season, all work on the right-bank transport interchange, road pavement and lighting installation in the tunnel under the Trans-Siberian Railway is slated for completion, and the construction of the ramp part of the tunnel at the Stanislavsky Street alignment will begin. In the near future, the work on the construction of road pavement on the main road section, including the 200-meter segment near the sewer collector, which was transferred by the concession grantor to the concessionaire at the end of January 2024, is set to start.

This summer, work will continue on the installation of parapet fencing and noise barriers, lighting masts, and the installation of road pavement on the main road overpass on the left bank and at the exits of the left bank traffic interchange. The painting of the 114-meter pylon will also be completed.

Due to the postponement of part of the capital grant to 2025, the requirement of the grantor to confirm all the altered design solutions in the state examination and the associated suspension of financing of work, the construction completion date, by agreement of the parties, has been deferred to December 2025. Currently, the construction readiness of the bridge crossing is over 90%, and the entire infrastructure included in the concession project is more than 85% ready.

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