The 114-meter pylon of the cable-stayed bridge in Novosibirsk will be fully painted by the end of September 2023

In accordance with the schedule for the construction of a bridge across the Ob River in Novosibirsk, VIS Group is starting the phased painting of the erected 114-meter pylon. Today it is already becoming one of the new symbols of Siberia’s capital, and after painting is completed, it will take on its final form.

The pylon, shaped as the letter H (N in Russian, which is the first letter in Novosibirsk) will be painted pearl white in accordance with the project documentation. Completion of the painting work is scheduled for the end of September, subject to weather conditions.

Considering the fact that the work will be carried out at high altitude, a specialized Novosibirsk company that specializes in high-altitude work was involved in its implementation. In accordance with the technology, painting will be carried out from top to bottom and divided into 29 stages according to the number of concrete pylon grips. The work will be carried out using special climbing gear.

“The project provides for serious environmental protection measures: special modules with protective screens will be installed around the perimeter at each level. They will be equipped with a ventilation and air aspiration system,” said Vladislav Vavilin, Deputy CEO of VIS Group’s Construction Division. “The entire amount of suspended paint formed inside the painting circuit will pass through special filters before going into the external environment. The technology allows to completely exclude paint from going outside the paint module.”

A total of three paint layers are provided for - ground, intermediate and finishing. Preliminary work is already underway - the pylon is being polished and prepared for the ground paint layer. It will take 7 tons of paint to paint the 114-meter reinforced concrete structure.

The new bridge across the Ob, together with automobile approaches to it and multi-level transport interchanges, will become a full-fledged high-speed chord connecting the two banks of Novosibirsk. The estimated speed of traffic on the bridge is 120 kilometers per hour, the anticipated daily traffic is up to 60,000 vehicles. VIS Group acts as the project concessionaire and invests its own and borrowed funds in upgrading the transport infrastructure of Novosibirsk.

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