The completion of the construction of PPP polyclinic #27 in Novosibirsk is hampered by external factors

Consultative and diagnostic clinic #27 is located on Yerevan Street and is slated to serve almost 30,000 residents of the Zaeltsovsky district. This is one of seven facilities being built by VIS Group in the capital of Siberia under a public-private partnership agreement. Construction readiness today is estimated at 88%; heavy medical equipment, e.g., magnetic resonance and computed tomography scanners, a mammography unit and x-ray machines, has already been installed. The completion of work at the site is hampered by external factors, the details of which were discussed today by Oleg Ivaninsky, deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation from the Novosibirsk region, who visited the construction site.

“There are 60 workers and specialists working at the site today. The façade installation work is 98% complete and the interior finishing is 95% done. The premises required for the installation of heavy medical equipment are 86% complete. The landscaping of the adjacent territory has been completed by 76%, said Sergei Shokhin, VIS Group’s project director. Completion of the complex of works is impeded by the unfulfilled obligations of the METRO Mir municipal enterprise in regard to the facility’s technological connection to the storm sewer. According to the latest data, the completion date is the end of March. Thus, the ultimate completion of the improvement, as well as the finishing of some premises, is planned for May of this year.”

Oleg Ivaninsky is directly connected to the medical sphere. He is a graduate of the Novosibirsk State Medical University and worked as the regional minister of health, so he was able to evaluate the facility with a professional eye: “The actual degree of readiness is very high. We examined the heavy equipment, the installation of which is the most difficult complicated - it is standing. There are issues that are not associated with the builders and need to be resolved today, such as storm drainage and the site’s transport accessibility. I am convinced that these problems will be solved, because we are all really waiting for this clinic.”

Transport accessibility is another issue that the city authorities will have to resolve. Currently, the new clinic can only be reached by one trolleybus route. City Council deputy, secretary of the local branch of the United Russia party in the Zaeltsovsky district of Novosibirsk, Vladislav Lyumin, drew attention to this: “We have now discussed this issue with a State Duma deputy. We need to contact the mayor. Now we will back this up by collecting signatures; we already have a fairly large number of appeals from the residents, and we will consider the possibility of identifying a new route.”

The six-story building has a total area of over 11,000 m2 and is designed for 658 visits per shift. Unlike a regular clinic, it will offer an expanded range of advisory and diagnostic services, as well as an option of consulting with highly specialized medical specialists. A modern laboratory base will be created in the institution to ensure the comprehensive nature of the care provided. 520 units of basic medical equipment will be supplied to the facility by VIS Group. A total of almost 6,700 units of technological equipment will be installed at the facility, which is slated for commissioning in June of this year.

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