The Governor of the Novosibirsk Region held an off-site meeting on traffic management around the construction site of a bridge across the Ob River

On May 12, the Governor of the Novosibirsk Region Andrey Travnikov visited the construction site of the left-bank transport interchange of the future bridge across the Ob River in Novosibirsk. Today, VIS Group has launched the large-scale construction of a multi-level traffic interchange with 25 exits, which will become one of the largest in Russia.

Sergey Yudin, First Deputy CEO of VIS Group, and Vladislav Vavilin, Deputy CEO of the Group's Construction Division, told the Governor about the technological solutions adopted to ease the traffic conditions at this construction site.

“After the Governor's instructions to consider the possibility of expanding the roundabout on Truda Square, the superstructure installation technology was revised. An extra traffic lane was added after dismantling the temporary overpass supports and decreasing the construction site area within the ring,” said Vladislav Vavilin.

Starting in the second half of June, the roundabout on Truda Square will be replaced by a T-shaped passage. The entrance to the roundabout from all adjacent streets - Shirokaya, Vatutina and Stantsionnaya - will remain open. Part of the roadway will be expanded in the vicinity of the Truda Square arc. Temporary transport and pedestrian traffic lights will be installed. The double-track tram line on the Shirokaya St. - Vatutina St. segment will also be switched to lane reversal.

This temporary vehicle traffic scheme will be utilized in Truda Square in June-November 2023. After the construction of the entire bridge crossing infrastructure is completed, the traffic pattern on the left bank will be completely restructured. Instead of a circular traffic pattern, a system of traffic-free multi-level driveways will appear.

“I see that the decisions made allowed to further expand the half-rings, which, of course, will have a positive effect on traffic, on throughput,” the Governor emphasized. Andrey Travnikov also tasked the Ministry of Transport, the Novosibirsk government and the investor to work out additional solutions aimed at ensuring convenient traffic solutions.

The construction of a bridge with interchanges on both banks of the Ob in Novosibirsk is the largest transport concession project in Siberia. Its complexity lies in the fact that large-scale construction takes place practically in the center of a city with a million-plus population, which affects its rhythm of life. All decisions made regarding the setup of temporary traffic patterns are aimed at leveling the inconvenience created by the construction for residents and guests of Novosibirsk.

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