The President of Russia orders the construction of the Lena Bridge to be completed by 2028

According to the Kremlin website,  Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the country's government to take measures to complete the construction of the Lena Bridge in the Yakutsk region by 2028. “Make decisions to ensure the completion of the construction of a auto bridge across the Lena River near the city of Yakutsk by 2028,” says the list of instructions. The Cabinet of Ministers must submit a report by March 1, 2024, then once a year.

The project is being implemented under a concession agreement concluded by the Government of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and VIS Group in 2020. In September 2023, Glavgosexpertiza issued a positive conclusion based on the results of reviewing the design documentation for the main stage, which includes the bridge crossing over the Lena River and the right-bank approach to it. Currently, VIS Group is taking all necessary measures to begin work on the main construction cycle in March 2024.

The bridge over the Lena River spans 4.6 km, including 2.5 km of the riverbed part. There are two traffic lanes, the navigable clearance is 18 m. The bridge will be cable-stayed with three pylons ranging 194.5 m to 284.5 m in height. The length of the cable stays is from 123 m to 568 m. The span of the entire new transport infrastructure including road approaches to the left and right banks will be over 14 km.

The concession agreement provides for the following financing scheme: 50% from federal budget funds, 30% - concessionaire funds and 20% - budget funds of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). Based on the results of the state examination, the cost of capital expenditures for stage II is estimated at 121.96 billion rubles, and the entire project is now estimated at 129.5 billion rubles. This is 20% less than the original estimate. Thus, the order of Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin to optimize the cost of capital expenditures was fulfilled. VIS Group and the Government of Yakutia, together with designers, put in great effort for this purpose. The optimal technical solutions were selected, taking into account all of the project’s complexities and features.

The construction of the first bridge across the Lena River in Yakutia is a large-scale infrastructure project that has no analogues in global bridge construction. No one has ever built cable-stayed bridges in such harsh climatic conditions. Permafrost soils, seasonal temperature changes of up to 95 degrees, seismic activity - all these are factors that had to be taken into account during the design.

To date, VIS Group has already carried out a lot of preparatory work, which allows to begin the main cycle construction work - transfer of utilities from the construction zone and preparation of the premises. These activities were carried out as part of the first stage of the project, which received a positive conclusion from the state examination in 2022. Design is still ongoing for the third stage, which includes the left bank approach to the bridge.

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