Top asphalt layer is being placed on the Mytishchi Expressway under construction

The concession of VIS Group and the Government of the Moscow Region to create a 16-kilometer highway - a backup of the Moscow Ring Road in the Moscow Region - is being implemented according to schedule. The builders began laying the final, top layer of road pavement made of crushed stone-mastic asphalt concrete (SMA). Currently, this work has been completed on a 3.5-kilometer section of the road.

Today, work is underway on 14 of the 16 kilometers of the future high-speed highway; on 10 of them, the laying of the base and lower layer of asphalt concrete road surface has been completed. A total of three base layers and two top layers will be used. As a result, the height of this “road pie” from the earthen embankment may exceed 110 centimeters. All technologies used comply with the modern highway construction standards. The top SMA layer has a rigid frame structure, which will ensure water and shear resistance of the road surface during seasonal temperature changes.

There are 230 units of road construction equipment and more than 1,100 people working at the construction site. The construction of artificial structures continues, 10 out of 11 bridges and overpasses are in progress. There are six transport interchanges along the route, which will allow connecting all the nearby settlements to the new road infrastructure. The largest transport interchange, spanning 1.5 kilometers, is located near Severnoye SPO and the village of Pogorelki near Ostashkovskoye Highway.

Storm drainage has been installed along the entire length of the road, including interchanges. Waste water will be treated using local treatment facilities. There will be 13 of them at the facility, i.e., close to one per kilometer. To date, 4 have been installed, concreting of structures is underway on 5, and the work on one more will begin by the end of the year. The remaining four are planned for 2024. External lighting lines are also provided along the entire length of the road, including interchanges and local driveways. To date, 207 out of 1,311 lighting poles have been installed. They will be powered from 9 transformer substations through a 10 kV power cable.

VIS Group is the project concessionaire and investor. The highway being created will improve transport accessibility for 850,000 residents of the Moscow region. The route will run parallel to the north-eastern section of the Moscow Ring Road, which will relieve congestion by 20% and reduce travel time for residents of Moscow satellite cities. The predicted traffic at different stages of operation is from 24,600 to 39,000 vehicles per day.

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