Traffic along the Khabarovsk Bypass exceeds 4 million vehicles

The Khabarovsk Bypass highway is switching to summer operation. The track successfully endured the winter season, without a single serious disruption in vehicle traffic. The first expressway in the Russian Far East is operated  by VIS Group, which acted as an investor and concessionaire in its construction. Since the road was commissioned in July 2022, more than 4 million vehicles have traveled on the highway.

The compliance of the road surface with standards is monitored by the technical control service of the operating company Transtoll (part of VIS Group). Repair crews and special equipment were brought in to maintain the route. Last winter, 17 units of specialized equipment and 22 road workers were engaged in road cleaning. Particular attention was paid to dealing with ice, which required the use of more than 600 tons of special reagent.

Khabarovsk Bypass became the first transport concession in the Russian Far East. The four-lane modern highway runs east of Khabarovsk and spans over 27 km. To eliminate the intersection of traffic flows, 24 bridges and overpasses, as well as 5 traffic interchanges were built. Traffic control and safety control on the highway is ensured using an automated traffic control system and an extensive technical infrastructure, which includes 39 video cameras, 88 electronic displays, 22 vehicle detectors, as well as 8 traffic violation recording complexes and a weather station. The bypass allowed to eliminate the main flows of heavy transit transport from the regional capital, which reduces the cost of city road network repairs.

The road was built using both federal funds and extra-budgetary funding, the share of which was more than 37%. The region returns the funds to the investor over a long period, while at the same time collecting the fees for the trip. VIS Group will ensure the operation of Khabarovsk Bypass until the end of 2031.

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