VIS Group ensures technical operation of twelve PPP facilities in Yakutsk

Twelve social facilities were built by VIS Group as part of an unprecedented public-private partnership (PPP) project in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). Under the terms of the agreement, the holding is responsible for the project’s full life cycle, including the technical operation of the facilities until 2026. VIS Group employs more than 50 people in servicing 5 kindergartens, 4 schools, a children’s art school, a contemporary art center and a SMART library. The total area of the buildings exceeds 68,500 m2.

Technical operation includes maintaining the functionality of the entire complex of engineering systems, swimming pools, technological, educational, sports and concert equipment. To ensure uninterrupted operation of the buildings’ life support systems, a 24-hour emergency dispatch service has been established. The operation of ventilation and air conditioning systems, heating and heat supply systems, communication networks, fire protection systems, automation and dispatching is monitored.

The holding's specialists are in close cooperation with the heads of municipal institutions, which allows them to quickly and efficiently resolve all operational issues. Specialized organizations are involved in carrying out maintenance work on engineering systems and technological equipment.

Thanks to VIS Group’s PPP project, fundamentally new conditions were created in Yakutsk for educational, creative and leisure activities for children and adults. Outfitted with all the necessary equipment, furniture and supplies, these social facilities allowed almost 3,000 students to move from wooden buildings that previously housed kindergartens and schools.

Currently, VIS Group is operating 14 facilities built on the principles of public-private partnership. In addition to the facilities in Yakutsk, these include the perinatal center in Surgut and the Khabarovsk Bypass highway. Previously, the holding implemented a PPP project to create 6 educational institutions in Yamal.

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