VIS Group received a positive conclusion from the Glavgosexpertiza on the project documentation for the Lena Bridge

FAU "Glavgosexpertiza of Russia" has completed the review of the design and estimate documentation for the bridge across the Lena River in Yakutsk. On September 8, a positive conclusion was received on the second stage of the bridge project. VIS Group, the project’s concessionaire and investor, has begun preparing the paperwork to obtain a construction permit.

Stage II of the Lena Bridge project includes the construction of the riverbed part and the right-bank approach. The adjustment of the design and estimate documentation, which passed the state examination in 2022, was carried out at the request of Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation, Marat Khusnullin. Thanks to the joint work of the Government of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), VIS Group specialists, Giprostroymost Institute - St. Petersburg, FAU Glavgosexpertiza of Russia and Rosavtodor, it was possible to optimize the cost of capital expenditures for the creation of this unique infrastructure facility. The main design solutions, including the three-pylon cable-stayed bridge structure, remained unchanged. The adjustment was made in terms of reducing the length of the overpass, taking into account the maintenance of the water throughput of the bridge opening, reducing the number of piles for the overpass support foundations, reducing the height and width of the embankment subgrade. All this allowed us to reduce the initial construction cost estimate by 20%. Based on the results of the state examination, the cost of capital expenditures for stage II was estimated at 121.96 billion rubles. The entire project is estimated at 129.5 billion rubles.

Stage I of the project, which received a positive conclusion from Glavgosexpertiza in April 2021, included the preparation of the territory, relocation and modernization of utilities located in the construction zone. To date, VIS Group has fully completed these works. Stage III will include the left bank approach to the bridge; the development of design documentation for it is currently underway.

“Dividing the project into stages allowed to reduce the design and construction time and complete the required set of works before the start of the key, largest, stage. Today everything is ready for it to begin. Together with the authorities of Yakutia and specialists, the capabilities of local industry were analyzed and the logistics of importing building materials and metal structures were worked out. After the unequivocal support of the project by the President of Russia, we expect an early decision on determining the amount of co-financing from the federal budget,” said Sergei Romashov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of VIS Group.

The project is being implemented within the framework of Federal Law 115-FZ on the basis of a concession agreement, which was signed in February 2020 between the Government of Yakutia and the Eighth Concession Company, part of VIS Group. The agreement provides for the following project financing scheme: 50% - federal budget funds, 30% - concessionaire funds and 20% - budget funds of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

Lensky Bridge is a unique engineering structure that is to be built in an area with permafrost conditions with seasonal temperature changes of up to 95 degrees. Taking this fact and the technical parameters of the cable-stayed structure into account, the project will go down in the world history of bridge construction as unprecedented. The length of the bridge crossing over the Lena River will be 4.6 km, including 2.5 km in the riverbed part. The spans over the river will be supported by three pylons ranging in height from 194.5 to 284.5 meters and using 102 pairs of cables. The total weight of the cable-stayed section of the bridge will exceed 25,000 tons. The length of the new transport infrastructure, including road approaches on the left and right banks, will be about 14 km. Estimated vehicle traffic is over 5,000 vehicles per day. The project was developed by one of the leading Russian designers, Ao Giprostroymost Institute - St. Petersburg.

The bridge over the Lena River will for the first time ever create a land connection between Yakutsk and the “mainland.” The city is located on the left bank, and the main transport arteries - the railway and two federal highways - on the right. Depending on the season, ferry crossings and unsafe winter roads are established on the river, and even these are inoperable for 5-6 months of the year. Because of this, the republic depends on the so-called “northern delivery”, which significantly affects the cost of goods imported into the region. The opening of traffic on the bridge will contribute to the economic and social development of Yakutia and improve the residents’ quality of life. With the commissioning of the bridge, passenger traffic is expected to increase to 8 million people per year, and transport accessibility will be ensured for 87% of the residents of Yakutia. The cumulative positive effect on the growth of Yakutia's GRP may reach up to 3% annually.

The Lena Bridge will connect the Trans-Siberian and Baikal-Amur Mainlines with the Northern Sea Route. It will connect the Lena and Kolyma federal highways with the Vilyuy highway, that is, in fact, the Eastern part of Russia with the coast of the Sea of Okhotsk, creating a transport and logistics hub that integrates railway, river and air transport, and forming the northern latitudinal zone “Eastern Siberia – Mirny – Yakutsk – Magadan”.

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